Coming Soon

I’m on the verge of something more. I’ve been feeling it for months, and it’s time for me to reach out and take it.

This blog is going to be about that process. It will contain my thoughts and beliefs about:

  • my Christian faith
  • training for triathlons
  • creativity
  • conservatism and freedom
  • survival preparedness

…in no particular order. Who am i? I’m not anyone special, i’m not looking to become famous, i just want to share my opinion and continue to develop my skills as a writer.

I find it ironic that i was named after two different gods…My name is Kristine Nicole Senko. Most people call me Kristi in Real Life.  Someday i would like to publish books as K.N. Senko. I have always known that i was named after Christ but never really thought about being named after Nike, the goddess of victory, the companion of Athena, the goddess of wisdom.  But as time goes on i want to own my middle name more and more, i want to be victorious.  Therein lies the inspiration for this blog.

i love feedback

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