what is an athena/clydesdayle?

Originally an Athena or Clydesdale was meant to be a triathlon competitor that has more bulk in the form of muscle. It is now widely thought of as the fat category, though i prefer the original definition. According to USAT, an Athena weighs upwards of 165 (my weight as a size 12/14 lifeguard at the age of 17) while a Clydesdale weighs upwards of 220 pounds.

My weight…is something i have struggled with for most of my life. Kids started telling me that i was fat when i was eight or nine. That and my mother’s insecurity about her own weight strongly affected me. I believed that i was fat for a decade before i actually became obese. I have always been athletic, buff, and big boned. I grew up fast and yet have remained young at heart.

My initial weight gain occurred just before my eighteenth birthday. It happened while my family was moving to a new state. Before and after that move i was working out six days a week. In high school i went out for volleyball, softball, and was in swim team even before that. I loved Tae Bo kickboxing in high school, started weightlifting when i was seventeen, and became interested in yoga in college. I train for triathlons now and have picked up a casual interest in mountain biking and hiking along the way. I have always wanted to learn how to surf and skateboard but have never had the chance to learn the former and only briefly tried the latter.

Yes, i am fat. At this point in my life i don’t really care. I am still active, i am always trying to eat more healthfully, and no i don’t want to hear about your miracle diet or cure. I am beautiful just the way i am. If i lose weight, good, i will be able to swim, run, and ride faster.  If i don’t, oh well. So long as i don’t ever break the three hundred pound mark i am okay with that. I weigh more than you would probably guess. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all, and i am not willing to give up any muscle to reach an arbitrary number.

Want to hear a little secret? Even fat girls can be athletic and compete in something like a triathlon. No, i’m not a pro, i’m not expecting to place first, but i am competing, i haven’t come in last yet, and maybe someday i will become something more. And preferably faster.

i love feedback

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