Tri2 W5D1 part B

…which is really about W5D2, but it happened the same day as D1.

Yes, i went to the gym and swam after work. My hips felt horrible most of the day at work, and i was very stiff, and my lower abs ache whenever i cough, but i sucked it up and got in the pool…which felt wonderful. The water was warmer than usual but for once it didn’t bother me (probably because i had forgotten my goggles). I love how water is relaxing and soothing. I jump in and start paddling and it centers me. It’s one of those meditative things, right up there for me with yoga and knitting. I think it must be because we are all grown in a tiny pool of warm water but what the heck do i know. Some people (like my Grandma) are freaked out by water. I love it. I want to learn how to surf, skin dive, scuba dive, wakeboard, i could go on. Not being able to see the bottom in open water, how big the ocean is, yeah, that freaks me out, but eventually i have to face my fears. There’s a reason i prefer to wear tropical scents, Brazilian Nut lotion, Piña Colada spray gel, cocoa butter deodorant, aloe vera hair gel, coconut shampoo/conditioner.  I love the smell of the ocean and petrichor (“rain on dust”). I love water, swimming, bathing, and sometimes even drinking it.  But i digress.

So tonight i got off work, drove to the gym, and got straight in the pool.  I changed of course, but i forgot to weigh beforehand like i’ve been trying to do. During my swims i have mostly been breathing every second stroke in an attempt to keep my heartrate in a zone that isn’t too high.  Yes, i want to swim fast, but i want to get on a bike right afterward and not be toast. It’s about pacing.  So i’ve also been alternating which side is the side i’m breathing on from lap to lap, lots of variation, trying to be adaptable but have a consistent stroke. This didn’t really seem to be working as well tonight, i think because my conditioning has improved so much already.  So i swam 25 breathing every third stroke (which is what i used to do back during my swim team days) and without pausing swam my next 25 breathing every other stroke. This seemed to be a good balance. Before long i am going to be swimming 50s like clockwork, and hopefully i will soon get to 100s straight. For now i will stick to my 50s, but at least i am past the point where i have to switch to the breaststroke to keep going after swimming 25.  It’s been years since i swam so well.

So tomorrow is my first Brick of this training season, a 30 minute spin followed by 10 minutes running intervals and 20 minutes walking. I don’t remember bricks being as painful as many claim. I know the first time i tried spinning i felt like running afterwards, in fact it was hard not to. But of course i’m not really going to be spinning during a triathlon. Spinning is kind of counter-intuitive to me. I can’t seem to stand up on the bike and pedal. It goes against everything i learned last time i was in training, that and slowing down your cadence. Are they crazy? Another thing that gets to me is how the pre-programed workouts seem to always be easy at the beginning and get harder at the end. According to a triathlon-oriented spinning article i just read you should optimally be working the hardest at the beginning of the spinning workout and gradually get easier. I’m thinking about trying a class but it’s daunting. I’m not good at the biking, at least not on a real bike. It’s one thing riding around campus, but i was so slow mountain biking and it takes a lot out of me to ride near my house (which requires quite a substantial climb if you ride one direction). This is why i want a tune up and slicks for my bike, i love my bike but the last time i was on it it was so hard. I also need to find my tri shorts, though my butt is getting more used to being in a saddle again, it sill hurts. I’m wary of getting on my bike again right now, which makes me miss it a lot. I love my bike, even if it did scar me for life. Of course that’s a story for another time.

I found an inspirational story about spinning here on WordPress…it made me want to cry. But i kept it together. That’s pretty unusual for me. I’m not going to lie, i was crying this morning, and i tend to cry a lot. Sometimes because i’m happy.

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