Tri2 W5D1

On Saturday i finished my first four weeks of training. In the month of February i am proud to say that i got pretty dang far.  Of course, i anticipate getting even farther in the month of March.  There are more days in the month and my distances and amount of time worked out will keep getting longer each week.

Yesterday i worked out on my off day…i went to a Pilates class at my Church.  I hate Pilates. I can’t do a lot of the moves properly (rollups, for instance, would probably go better if i was rolling my legs up rather than my torso) and many of them bother my joints. By the end of the 25 minute workout my hips were popping with every rep and my neck was hurting if i didn’t support it.  My upper abs didn’t get a very good workout because i couldn’t get my back high enough off the floor with my arms behind my head.  So today my hips hurt and my lower abs are tight.  I do think that i would like to start doing the plank every day and build up how long i can hold it. Now that was a full body workout. My arms were shaking after the first rep, let alone three holds of something like 20 seconds.

Last night i forgot to set an alarm so i overslept. I meant to be at the pool by 9, but instead i went on my scheduled run. I will probably go swim after work, but that doesn’t change the fact that i wanted to go to the pool with my mother, aunt, and siblings.  I won’t lie, it hurt my feelings that no one woke me up before they left the house, but it’s my fault that i didn’t set the alarm. It took a little doing even getting me out of the house, i’ve been feeling a little down the past 48 hours. But then i realized that i had an hour more than i thought i did and i better get my butt out there. And of course i feel better as a result…except i’m starving and my hips hurt. xD

So i finally worked out in nature again today. What with all the snow and cold weather alternating with warm weather it’s usually made more sense for me to just head to the gym, particularly because i have a cold and cool air generally makes me cough even when i’m well. But even though i could see my breath starting out it didn’t feel cold and i didn’t cough at all.  I took it easy in a way, repeating part of Week 3 instead of cutting Week 4 short in a weird way, but i really pushed it my first run interval. Then during my second run interval a dog started chasing me. He was literally on my heels. I stopped, let him smell my hand in a passive posture, he still didn’t like me, so i kept walking. He kept on my heels until a truck drove by.  Then i started running again.  At the end of my interval i did a fartlek to make up for the interruption. And otherwise the workout was uneventful, i had to concentrate to stay on pace my last run interval but it worked out to be a perfect twenty minute workout save for the dog.  My phone says it’s 45F out and it is so humid that my glasses fogged up about 2/3 of the way through.

This week is my first to have six workout days scheduled but it is not going very well working out after an 8-9 hour shift so i’m planning to combine some workouts on my days off and definitely start using Sunday as a riding day. I’m hoping the warmer weather is going to be here to stay now. I generally like snow, and i don’t mind rain at all, but i’m tired of the cold and ready for warmer weather. I’m going to say the opposite come June when it’s 95F outside but for now please give me 45-60F days.

And now, for a copy of my training plan. I’m probably going to create a page for this so you don’t have to look at it every day if you don’t want to, but this is where i’m starting off this week. Oh, and did i mention i have a brick tomorrow or Wednesday?


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