Tri2 W5D3

I wore my third pair of new shorts tonight. I hadn’t realized that they’re actually shorter than my other two. They’re racy for me. xDImage

Okay so i did my first Brick today with mixed results. My butt was still screaming by the end of my spin, despite my tri shorts. I’m getting more used to being on a bike again but it still hurts while i’m on the bike by the end of the workout. I’m not sure why, but the computer was telling me to stand far more often than last time. I set up my workout the same way but it was definitely different.  I lowered the difficulty of the program about halfway through and it was still telling me to stand more than half the time. I still haven’t stood at any point except to adjust my position on the seat.  Any time before today that i’ve tried to the pedals have stopped and usually spat one of my feet out of the cages. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong (if anything) but i’m a little wary of the strain standing might potentially put on my knees.  When i was about fourteen my doctor recommended low-impact activities such as swimming and biking because of the “growing pains” in my knees, but biking hurt my knees a lot until i was about twenty-five. I had loved biking as a child, so it was quite a blow to not be able to ride anymore. Overall, tonight’s ride felt odd. My right hip is still in pain from Sunday’s Pilate session and my cadence was high (even for me) but not quite comfortable.  My legs just wanted to go tonight but didn’t quite get to.

After my spin i walked for ~2 mins per my plan’s guidelines. It told me to run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, twice. I couldn’t find my tri watch last night so i did part of Cto5k Week 4 again, run 90s, walk 90s, run 3 min.  I would have run another 90s after 3 mins of walking had my calf not threatened to seize up at the very end of that 3 minute run. It was tight for the rest of my walk, still is actually, somewhere between relaxed and cramped.  This is similar to the kind of pain i had but ignored the night i pulled my hamstring while running early in 2010. I don’t want to repeat an injury like that, so i took it easier than i wanted to. Other than the calf pain i felt up to running the full 30 minutes. I walked pretty fast for the last ten or fifteen minutes, at which point i really had to force myself not to run despite the calf pain. I want to run like the wind but it seems my body can’t handle it. My pace is improving, though, and definitely starting to feel more natural in Vibrams even though i occasionally have to remind myself to land on my toes rather than flatfooted. That’s usually about the time where i would want to quit but know that i actually have more in me.

Tomorrow i’m scheduled to swim 400 for the first time and am going to try to keep it exclusively to (50y) laps rather than pausing after lengths. I should probably lift tomorrow, too, since i didn’t have time tonight.

I had a big dinner and a disappointing weigh in. But overall i was most upset about the fact that the Pilates seems to have done me more harm than good. I’m not focusing on general health here, i’m training for a specific task, and i don’t want to risk ruining my season.  I still haven’t decided whether i’ll go again next Sunday or not. I’ll probably be riding that day anyway.

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