Tri2 W5D4

Per the plan i swam 400 today, entirely in laps of 50. No pauses after every 25 yard length. I pulled more breaststroke into the workout than usual, stuck to breathing every second stroke for the most part, and tried to focus on breathing. Breathing felt good but my stroke felt a bit sloppy, really.  I alternated between telling myself to take it easy and to throw it down. Well i guess i threw it down since i had a pace of 4:00 per 100. With half of my workout being breaststroke i am pretty surprised that i managed it, but it happened.

My weigh in went well (well, it had results that i appreciated) but i didn’t take time to lift. Instead i went to visit with someone from Church who might become my diet partner and guide into the world of selling cooking supplies. She’s trying to convince me to sell Pampered Chef (like she does) and attend Church every Wednesday again.  The crazy thing is that i’m thinking about trying it.  I think the main trouble will be scheduling conflicts with work (since they seem to think that i’m only capable of closing anymore) and finding the dough to invest in the startup costs. I am very broke right now. Very broke.

My right calf is still bothering me. Hopefully it will be resolved by tomorrow since i’m supposed to be running.  We shall see.  Oh yes, we shall see.

i love feedback

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