looking back to look forward

All of this time i have thought that in my first triathlon in June 2009 i finished third from last.  Strictly speaking that isn’t true. I finished last for my age group.  I was third from last for women. But one man and one team finished after me.  So overall i was fifth from last.

Kristine Senko     200/203
Female     94/96
25-29     17/17
Swim 17:17     T1 1:54     Bike 1:23:39     T2 1:12     Run 47:54
Overall 2:31:55
Pace 15:27

finished1So in my initial race report i reported my swim pace as 55:34.  I have no idea what i meant by that…i am guessing that’s how long it would take me to swim a mile?  The way i currently look at pace is how many minutes it takes me to swim 100 yards or 100 meters.  My second time around in training my pace has been holding steady at 4mins per 100.  According to my Beginner Triathlete race report i did 500m in 17min 17s at a pace of 03min 28s / 100m.  So if i want to beat my previous time the next time i swim the Hustle…i need to increase my pace.  But i am not unhappy with a 4min pace at all since i want my swim to be more relaxed than other legs. I really want to improve my bike pace more than anything.  The swim needs to be more relaxed so i can keep my heartrate down the rest of the day.

My bike pace…01:23:39 | 16 miles | 11.48 mile/hr. Crap.  Can i bring that up to 16 miles per hour?  For the HITS tri the ride will only be 12 miles, so fortunately it won’t be overwhelming the other two legs as much.  I guess i’m just going to see how far i can get. I certainly don’t want to take any longer than 1:20 to ride 12 miles!

My run pace…00:47:54 | 05 kms | 09m 35s  min/km.  That works out to 15:33 a mile.  I certainly didn’t go as fast i wanted to on race day but at the moment that sounds incredible.  I’ve been doing 18ish minute miles with my Cto5k podcasts and during my last brick went faster than usual music-less at a 15:00 pace.  That felt fine until my right calf seized up on me.

runSo i guess that my biggest goal right now is to get where i can run sub-15:00 miles before and on race day.  I’m okay with the 4:00/100m for the swim and am not going to stress it if that pace doesn’t improve.  I honestly don’t know where i am on a bike right now.  I’ve been doing the stationary bike so much that i’m adjusting my plan a bit to start smaller than what it was currently calling for but gradually increase my distances until i’m riding twice the distance i will be on race day.  Hopefully that, my “new” bike, and some slicks will get me to a better pace than last time around.  But i don’t think i’ll have a good idea of where i will be on race day until i get some actual rides (on a bicycle) under my belt.  So i’ll be returning to this more in a couple of weeks to refine my goals.

i love feedback

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