Tri2 W7D1

stpatI just rode 4.62 miles in the wind this afternoon.  It took me 40 minutes to get that far.  I thought, if i just get up this hill.  I did mean to ride 10 miles today, i did.  But then when i turned around to ride downhill…it was harder than it had been to ride up!  The wind was trying to push me up that hill.  If i tried to get into a more aero position, it was worse, because i was scooping the wind or something.  Any time i stopped for a drink or to check my distance the bike tried to blow over (scraped me a bit one time).  I rode leaning toward the wind, sort of to the left, and, i kid you not, before long i was in a lower gear riding down that hill than i had been going up it.

This is totally a metaphor for my entire life right now.  I graduated from college, it was supposed to be all downhill from here, right?  Nope, i’m riding into the wind.

So i did scan Barefoot Running Step by Step last night and i think i know what i’m doing wrong.  I’ve been trying to lift my heels and i’ve been leaning forward.  Apparently those are no-nos.  I thought it was wrong to land as flat footed as i was…when i was probably doing it right when i felt flat footed.  I might need to bend my knees more, too.  That’s one thing i didn’t mention in my last post, that my knees have been feeling twingy while running, too.  It’s kind of a weird pain that i’m not sure i can describe, gently shooting down on either side of and below my kneecap.  Usually in my right knee.  Today my right calf still seems tight but there’s no pain at all.  So we’ll see next run if the stretches (which i did after my bike ride, too) help and adjusting my form does the trick.

I need to get ready to go to pilates.  Hopefully that goes better than last time.  My wrists weren’t happy on the bike because i had to work harder to steer it, so i’ll have to be gentle with them.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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