a comment i made at WoW Insider

The question was what was harder about Vanilla and BC.

It’s been a while since i seriously raided, so forgive me if these don’t still apply.

– They took raid attunement out of the game.  Some people will rank this as tedious but those were some of the funnest quest chains.  It would be nice if you had to attune for heroic mode at least, or could choose to attune.

– CC requirements were removed.  Magister’s Terrace was murder for this reason. You had to have at least two good CCers with you when it first went live.  They wanted to make it so you weren’t required to bring certain classes…they could have made it where each class had their own flavor of CC (which they have done more of but still isn’t required).  That dungeon was epic:  scary, and challenging, and slightly tedious because all of the trash, but hella fun.

– I notice some people are saying that you’re required to be more mobile in raids now…i don’t really understand this.  We mostly just stack and tank and spank.  Sometimes there are transitions where you move to another area to tank and spank.  If you look at Kara or Naxx there was a lot more movement continuously throughout the fight.  Or maybe those fights just stand out in my memory because i did them over and over and over again and i haven’t gotten to do the modern mobile fights.

– Elites were everywhere.  There were a lot of group quests that required you to learn how to work as a group that got taken out.  I know why they did it but you made friends that way.  That’s my number one problem with the game now, there is no way to make friends.  You find someone you like in LFG and it turns out they’re on another server and if you didn’t get their Real ID then you’re never going to see them again.

And there were world bosses that have been taken out, too…make me sad.  The world just seems safer.  Those are just a couple of things.  For me it’s not so much that the game seems like it got easier as that it’s lost some of its mystery, flavor, and the sense of danger.  World PVP getting virtually eliminated in the Barrens and around Tarren Mill are just two examples of this.  Maybe it’s partially because all of the map is filled in now.  And i have been cyberbullied and ninjaed out of loot more and more as time has gone on.  There is no comraderie, my guildees don’t even talk, my internet can’t handle the game anymore, and i cannot afford to subscribe right now.  It makes me really, really sad.

i love feedback

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