tie dye explosion

I just finished tie dying a t-shirt and sun hat in the bathroom.  I forgot to put on gloves so my hands look dark pink.  Fortunately i was able to clean up most of the mess that i created (i think there might be one stain on the cupboard but that may very well be old fingernail polish).  I used a heather gray hoodie to mop up some of it and used up the remnants on it.  I will probably tie dye it a darker gray sometime soon with my remaining bottle from my kit.

My hat had already been spiral dyed with turquoise (“sky blue”) tumble dye, blue (“hawaiian fizz”) fabric spray paint, and purple (“grape”) fabric spray paint over a bright yellow hat that leans lime green.  The blues came out more blue-green than i wanted, and it was definitely missing something.  The Tulip Tie-Dye Fashion Lace Designs Kit came with orange (“red”), pink/purple (“fuchsia”), and black.  The orange is just what the hat needed to balance it out.  I’ll put pictures up soon.

Source: ilovetocreate.com via Kristine on Pinterest.

For the t-shirt i used an idea off Pinterest…with a twist. I have a shirt from Old Navy that has diagonal stripes overlaid in opposite directions. So instead of starting at one shoulder and going down, then starting at the hem and going towards the shoulder, i started at the both shoulders with different colors and they’re crossing over the top 2/3 of the shirt. I’ll get pictures of that up soon, too.

The hoodie has more of a splatter paint thing going on.  I have no idea how that will turn out, i just blotted dye up, then squeezed the leftovers everywhere.  I’m really looking forward to do some more tie dye in the near future.  I wonder if i’ll be able to get the tie dye off my hands before work tomorrow.

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