Tri2 W7

So far this week is going worse than last week when it comes to training.  I was going to run this morning (well, yesterday now) but it was really windy and raining.  So i didn’t go.  I swam on Wednesday, and that went well, so that’s something.  I don’t know if i’m going to be able to fit in a Brick this week but i really want to at least get my long run done

There are several things going on that is causing me to not get my workouts done (you might think of them as excuses, and i wouldn’t really blame you).  I can’t afford my gym membership renewal until next paycheck, for one.  The weather has been horrible for training in, even if i were at the peak of health (which i’m not, since my allergies are still bothering me) i would not want to go out and train in these conditions.  I would be coughing badly after any workout in cold air, and the wind is so bad that it’s lots of extra work and extra allergens to exacerbate my allergies.  Third, i still haven’t adjusted to the Daylight Savings time change and am having horrible insomnia.  Lastly, i’ve been down the past couple of weeks, and i know that exercise has helped that, but i am just exhausted right now and not doing as well as i want to.  The triathlon is two months out and i am about halfway there, but the pressure of my life is getting to me.  Money is tight and i feel like people are trying to get me to do what they want instead of what is best for me a lot of the time.  That’s probably not fair, they probably just want me to be happier or enjoy hanging out with me, but i’ve been feeling claustrophobic since before Valentine’s Day and it has barely let up since.

So next week i know i need to throw myself into training again, and if the weather looks up i’m sure i’ll get some more workouts in this week, too.  A run definitely and maybe that Brick.  Fortunately my right calf hasn’t been bothering me at all since Monday, so hopefully that’s sorted and i won’t have to rest it any more than i already have.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know already, i’m not perfect. Never have been. That’s something i want to be completely honest about with this blog.

Happy Spring!

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