T-5 Days and counting

I don’t know if i’m ready for my triathlon on Sunday or not.  I’ve been in this weird head space where i feel like i haven’t trained enough alternating with feeling more than prepared. I found out on Sunday that we are required to finish each leg in a certain amount of time or we’re disqualified.  That would have been valuable information to have had before i signed up for this race!  I would have signed up for the Highline Hustle instead, it would have been cheaper and less pressure.  I don’t know if i can do it.  I hope i can, but i don’t know.

I am prepared for the swim in terms of distance.  I thought it was going to be 800m, so i was swimming 900yds last week.  Turns out that it’s 750m.  The trouble is that i haven’t swam that distance without stopping or turning and i tend to be a slow swimmer.  I think i can finish in thirty minutes, but i don’t know that.

But the bigger hurdle is the bike.  On a spinner its been fine, i have a high cadence and all that.  But in real life i haven’t been as successful.  It’s uphill no matter where i ride around here and i feel like i can’t average more than 10mph.  I don’t know if it’s my bike or me or what.  I want to finish the bike in less than an hour, but i don’t know if i can accomplish that.  Last time i dropped into last place on the bike but passed people in transition and on the run.

The run…which i probably haven’t focused on enough.  On Saturday i went on a 45 minute run after working for 8.5 hours and still haven’t fully recovered.  It was intense!  Now i don’t expect the swim and bike to be as hard in a way, but in that 45 minutes i didn’t make it as far as i wanted at all.  I only made it 2.33 miles.  But i don’t think i could have maintained that pace another fifteen minutes to finish within an hour.  I was still in a lot of pain yesterday but am doing much better today.

I need to do one last long ride.  I’m not sure if i should do it here or take my bike into town, somewhere flatter.  But unless i can throw it down during my swim and have a smooth bike then i don’t know if i’ll get to start my run, let alone finish it.  I’m going to try, of course, but i’ve already felt defeated for weeks, i’ve had bad dreams about not even being able to start a triathlon on time, let alone finish one.  So i feel like it will be a miracle if i even finish this one.  I have no idea what’s going to happen.

i love feedback

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