tri shopping woes

Everywhere i have gone searching over the past few weeks  no one has carried athletic tops that would fit me (not even outside my price range).  I was looking for something that would dry quickly, “wick” moisture away, but apparently TPTB in the fitness industry don’t think that overweight people need to exercise or ever sweat…that or they think that we want to show off our stomachs while we exercise in the case of the one top i found that would have otherwise fit.  Yes, one.  Maybe i should be shopping somewhere else, but i am also a girl on a budget.

The gels and bloks proved to be more problematic and i ended up going to the LBS after much wasting of time.  Their hours are problematic for me, but i guess that i should just visit them in the future and Wal-Mart is always out of what i want if they even carried it to begin with.  REI didn’t have the flavor options i wanted and were a little pricy…though apparently if one buys 12 bars/bloks/gels they get them all for 20% off.   I guess that’s also something to keep in mind for the future if i’m going on vacation and know i’ll be doing a lot of hiking or mountain biking.

So other than the fact that i don’t know for sure what i’m wearing on top come Sunday i think i’m all prepared.  I lubed my chain in the garage this evening during the midst of a sudden thunderstorm.  I tried to lube my derailleurs and a couple of other things, too, but am not sure how successful i was at it.  I’m too tired for a full bike ride after 8 hours in the stock room at work (standing and lifting on concrete) but maybe i will get a couple of miles in tomorrow before work…which will already be Thursday!  My how time flies.

2 thoughts on “tri shopping woes

    • I tried to approve this on my phone the same day you posted it, i’m sorry that i didn’t realize it didn’t work and fix it sooner. /: My WP prowess isn’t that high yet.

      I did finish my event but in the t-shirt i tie dyed a while ago over the singlet i wore last time. Not ideal but i felt more modest than last time. Thanks for your kind words.

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