internet reconnected and a goal reached

For the past two months we only had a hotspot and my cellphone’s internet has been close to non-existent.  We finally got landline internet back in our house on Friday and i was able to play WoW on Saturday and today for the first time in five months.  What i’ve been working on is not reputation grinds, gearing, or leveling my second or third 90…I’ve been working towards finally completing the Loremaster achievement on the Horde side.  Considering the fact that i’ve been playing since BC and had done most if not all of the Horde quests pre-Achievement system resetting everything and Cataclysm rewriting zones this was far overdue.  I should have done it pre-Cata, i’m not sure why i didn’t except for the fact that i wasn’t able to play when it went live (was too poor at the time).  Our net used to be terrible but so far it’s doing pretty well.  I haven’t tried any dungeons or raids yet, so it still might not be sufficient for that, but for questing in MoP zones it was fine as long as my graphics were turned down a bit.

I’m not sure what to work on next.  I’m ready to start capturing pets in OL i think…it was killing me when MoP went live that i couldn’t tame new pets right off the zep.  I think eventually i want to finish Loremaster on my Ally characters…but so far my highest level achieved as Alliance is 66 as i recall.  And while it isn’t difficult i want to relax for a bit.  I’ll probably work on pet battles some more, maybe betting my Arc mounts, and i really want to make the eng goggles for my hunter.  Other than that i need to figure out how to play well enough to get into some heroics again.  I miss healing heroics on my Shammy.  I have no idea if i’ll do any raiding or even heroics.  I want to do the new lore content soon in anticipation of Hellscream’s overthrow.  But right now i’m strictly casual.  I just thought it was great that i had finally achieved this in the game.  Oh, and i discovered that the second half of the Twilight Highlands is way more enjoyable than the first.


i love feedback

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