I checked out Jedi Junkies from the library a couple of weeks ago and it was reaffirmed for me that i’m not really a fan of Star Wars at all anymore.  Episode III just killed it for me.  But as i’ve thought about what was discussed throughout the documentary i’ve gradually come to realize that i am a collector, too.  No, i don’t have a garage or bedroom filled with action figures and models and mugs.  I collect mounts and pets in WoW.  And it’s true what what one of the psychologists/iatrists said, that the collection is never complete, but it’s about finding a sense of accomplishment none the less.  I’m that way about quest chains, attunements, and offensives, too.  I didn’t do the Isle of Quel’Danas and Molten Front dailies for nothing.  And i shouldn’t have to pay gold for a title in recognition, either.  I still like to go to old rep areas sometimes because the npcs know me by name and appreciate what i’ve done for them.  I know that’s silly, but i’m nostaligic.

i love feedback

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