Christianity and sci fi…how they work together

One of my aunts asked my mother months ago how we can watch science fiction since we are Christians. Her assumption seems to be that Christianity has nothing to do with science, the future, or the ideals that are espoused in science fiction.  It is true that Christians must mentally or physically fast forward through some bits of dialogue, forgive certain plot premises, but the things that thrills me time and again is that science fiction is at its essence inherrently moral and conservative. It amazes me how this escapes people so often. I have sought to answer my aunt’s question since before she asked it…but realize that i cannot do so in the span of one post or without referring to sci fi from my childhood, the more recent past, and hopefully the future. It is too big of a question.

My mother and most of my family doesn’t understand this, but I watch movies and read books in a search for further understanding of God. I know that the ultimate sources of understanding Him are the Holy Spirit and the Bible, but I have always seen Him in everyday things. God is at work even in secular circles and I have always preferred a witness that can be seen far more than heard, when actions speak louder than words. Maybe it is just desperation,  an attempt to get past the fact that the Bible doesn’t say as much as I would like. God left some mysteries for the journey, to expand faith, to answer face to face in the hereafter. Suffice it to say that sensing God speaking to me through a screen or page causes the most squee and tears (since he hasn’t done it directly in ages). So my hope is to share what I see and know of Christianity’s intersection with science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture in the weeks, months, and years to come. Some of my posts will probably have a political bent, too, but more on that soon.

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