30 Day Challenge – Day 4

I think that my insomnia and stress have gotten worse over the past couple of years because of the fluorescent lights where i work.  On a night like tonight, in particular, where i worked over eight hours and closed, and saw next to no sunlight all day, causes me to become majorly stressed.  If i close one night and open the next i usually get little sleep (on the scale of 4-6 hours, usually closer to four).  I think i need to be in a work environment that uses natural lighting and no fluorescent if at all possible.  What i go to a restaurant or library, for instance, i am always drawn to the seats by the window with the natural lighting.  I’m pretty sure that fluorescents also make my migraines more frequent.

Today’s topic (and i’m not exactly looking forward to it) is

Your views on religion.

In today’s society, “religion” seems to be a negative word, almost a swear word.  People would much rather talk about their spirituality.  If one does things religiously, they might be just a little too obsessed, or unbalanced, and almost certainly will be labeled as a “bigot”, “hater”, or “racist.”  I don’t really like to use the word “religion”, i like to talk about my “faith.”  Perhaps a more understandable way to put it would be “worldview.”  To me, it isn’t about going to church one, two, five times a week.  I am a Christian.  I wasn’t born into it, i had to choose to become one.  People talk about leaving one’s religious beliefs “at home.”  They’re not supposed to be seen in school, at work, etc., they’re too offensive.  That’s not how it works.  I am a Christian, Christ permeates every area of my life, i can’t take Him out of my day, He’s the only reason i get through it.  I am praying all the time, about what my day is like, something worrying that is affecting family, friends, strangers, because i’m annoyed or hurt and seeking comfort.  I share everything with Him.  Asking me to leave Christ at home would be like asking me not to breathe, see, or hear.

How i see the world is translated by God.  I have read most of the Bible (i’m on my last two books for reading it all the way through), i have studied it since preschool, what it says, i believe.  The Bible teaches certain things about drinking, war, homosexuality, conservation, etc.  My opinions on these subjects are not based on what fallible men have written, they’re based on what God inspired fallible men to write.  My number one resource for finding out what’s right is God.  When people say something like “Oh, but this religion is older than Christianity” (supposing that makes it more legit, i guess), i have to try not to laugh.  God created the universe.  There’s nothing older than God.  “There is nothing new under the sun,” if you think that what you believe in is new, or older, it’s not, it was all seen by God before He created anything.  He created it all knowing that man would choose to sin, and He did it all knowing He was going to have to send His Son in to save the day.  Yeah, man was sinning and scattered before the covenant was made with Abraham, but God always knew there would be a covenant.

I’m sorry, i guess i’m using churchy words, if you don’t know what the covenant is, it was God’s promise that Jesus would come to pay the price for everyone’s sins.  The first and last parts of the covenant are marriage.  God gave Eve to Adam as a helpmeet, and after they sinned He told them to have kids.  Why?  Because eventually one of their great-…-great-grandchildren would be the Messiah.  So Jesus died in our place for everyone’s sins, and three days later He came back to life, and forty days later he went back to be with His Father, and someday He’s coming back.  Someday He will take the Church with Him to be His bride (symbolically, and as a single entity, He’s not legitimately a polygamist).  And i know that i’m not explaining it well, in a very understandable way.  In a way it’s beyond our current understanding.

But to break it down, i believe:

  • God created the world/galaxy/universe/etc. in six days
  • God created marriage and defines it as a one man and one woman partnership
  • God gave us animals and plants for our use and to be mutually beneficial to one another (this has nothing to do with what the modern food industry has become, we the People must wrest control or our food and health back from said industry and the government)
  • the Earth does what it was designed to do, warms sometimes, cools other times, and it has absolutely nothing to do with humans.  Similarly, humans cannot control/cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, solar flares, etc. (at least not w/our current technological levels, if ever)
  • Jesus was born to a virgin, lived for 33 years without sinning, died on a cross to pay the price for everyone’s sins, and rose from the dead three days later
  • the Great Tribulation is going to happen within my “lifetime” (this i cannot know Biblically, but it seems like the world is going that direction very soon)
  • men and women of all races are created equally, no race or gender is superior or inferior
  • slavery in the Bible is nothing like the slavery of today or at any point of American “slavery” (it was closer to indentured servitude)…and i wouldn’t say that slavery was every portrayed as a positive thing in the Bible…other than the Israelites’ slaves were treated like family
  • men and women are equals but are designed to have different tasks in life and marriage, which isn’t to say that those rules can never be bent, but we are are better equipped/designed for our intended tasks
  • the nuclear family is the ideal form of raising children, but an extended/”adoptive” family/friends are also beneficial; discouraging strong marriages is a recipe for disaster.  Having a father at work and a mother working in the home is best (though nearly impossible in today’s society)
  • education is important, but not in the modern sense of what it is becoming:  learning how to read and think for one’s self, rather than relying on what peers or teachers say, is paramount.  Common sense and a belief system rooted in Scripture (i.e. the Bible) is all that anyone needs.  Homeschooling is the ideal environment for school, and a love for learning throughout life.
  • Parents are responsible for raising their children, not churches, not schools, not the government.
  • All morality is defined by God.  If it doesn’t sound right to you or me, we’re the ones who are wrong, not Him.
  • We should try to love everyone.  We should only have sex within the marriage relationship.  Lust and love are not the same thing.

I am not perfect, but this is basically the belief system i try to live my life by (i may have missed some things, like working to God’s glory at my secular job, helping those in need, and evangelism).  I know that people are probably going to think i’m full of hatred, backwards, bigoted, etc.  I don’t make the rules, i just try to live by them.  It’s not up to me, i am merely submitting to God’s will as conveyed to me through the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s urging.  The farther America moves away from God’s idea of the way we should live, the worse things get.  I may be fighting a losing battle here, but i’m not about to keep the truth to myself.

i love feedback

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