Sorry, Blizz, you can’t have my buttons

I have been playing WoW for a long time.  Even when i am too busy or cannot afford it (like right now) i miss the game, there’s just this overwhelming nostalgia i have for it.  I miss BC and WotLK so much.  It is nowhere near the same anymore because i have no friends to play with, almost everyone else left, and there’s only a couple of people i catch up with once or twice a year.  Without fail, it has been my most favorite game, and i really wish i could have started playing it sooner.  As it is, i’m not entirely sure when i started playing.  I think it was in the early days of BC, because the first character i rolled was a Belf Hunter on my brother-in-law’s account.  I didn’t know that was a no-no at the time.  I got that character to something like lvl 36 before i deleted her and started over on my own account.  I was such a noob at the time, Thotbott (and later WoWhead) revolutionized the way i played.


I have always felt neglected as a Hunter.  People call me a Huntard, call all Hunters Huntards, regardless of skill level.  I have never felt OP.  I used to get yelled at for my pet not doing what i told it to.  And i put a ton of work into taming pets for their skills (this was back when you could only have four pets in your stable, had to pay to open each slot, and could only have one active pet at a time, so you had to release a pet to tame a new one or go and find the pet with all your pets stabled), leveling each pet individually, making sure my weapons skills were maxed out, and attuning/crafting ammo for raids.  Just leveling from 1-70 was a marathon in itself.  Oh, and leveling Skinning and Leatherworking was a nightmare.  It was so heartbreaking for me to unlearn and take up Mining and Engineering instead, but i’ve never regretted it, even though i would prefer making my own gear, Engineering really fits me as a player.  I was churning out bullets and arrows in WotLK, it was my only moneymaker, i wasn’t even able to make a hog until Cata.  Yes, that’s right, i had to make and carry ammo, and doing so improved my DPS accordingly.

But then a new xpac comes out and changes everything.  Every couple of years, Blizzard feels the need to take away things i love and try to give me new shiny to make up for it.  And i think the time has finally come for me to say:  enough is enough!  You keep taking things away that are not extraneous, that are in fact the best parts of the class, and then give us half-baked replacements that do not even partially make up for what was ripped away.  Let’s take a look at my bars during BC:


It looks like i was still MM at this point, i went Surv pretty quickly after this (for Expose Weakness) and have stuck with Surv ever since.  But i obviously took the time to put points down in Surv far enough to pick up Scattered Shot.

Sidenote:  I know, i’m strange, i keybind most of my hunter shots to the right hand side of the keyboard.  I have no idea why i started doing that, but it made sense to me when i first started to play.  My shaman and druid really only use buttons 1-6 and shift 1-5 with a couple of other necessary things stuck in 7-=. I’m not entirely insane.

On my Hunter i use all 24 of those keys and also have to have traps, aspects, pet heals, trinks/pots/etc keybound.  Back in BC we didn’t get a Stance bar, and come WoD it appears to be going bye-bye if the patch notes are any indication.  Yes, it’s a ton of stuff.  But very little of it goes unused.  Scare Beast, Flare, and Master’s Call are rarely useful.  (I can’t remember the last time a rogue or druid walked through my flare.)  But do you know what i constantly used in BC?  Scatter Shot and Distracting Shot.  They were both so important for everything, whether it was PvE, PvP, soloing, questing, all of the above.  I’m begging you Blizz, you cannot take those two shots away  unless you replace them with something even better.  You’ve already nerfed DS into the ground, i am so sick of dying because you nerfed my pet aggro and my DS.  Distracting Shot used to be the shot for chain trapping.  I think at one time it even worked with Misdirect for pet tank needs.  But it wasn’t merely useful when soloing content.  Say your tank’s aoe has sucked in who you’re trying to trap?  DS to pull it to you.  Your healer has pulled aggro?  DS.  Oh, but your trap is on CD, and how do you make sure that you stay alive and the mob walks into the trap instead of just walking over it?  Scatter Shot ftw, equally helpful in PvE or PvP situations.  Mob or enemy player, they stumble right into the trap every time.  This is how my undergeared guildees and i would pwn MgT.  This is how we downed Moroes time and again.  Because i was not a Huntard, i was a chain trapping, MDing, and OTing machine.  Yes, me and my pet would off tank, even main tank in dungeons while i was leveling, back before Blizz nerfed it and LFG shut me out from queuing as such.  My pet tanked one of the Four Horseman successfully, then picked up a second when one of the other OTs died.  Wipe averted.  I was a Damage Soaker during Patchwerk in Naxx once, and i read about a Hunter that was OTing in BT back in the day.  I wanted to be able to do that.  Barring that, i would have liked to have been able to play my Shammy back when they could tank.

So what happens if DS and SS are removed?  I cannot PvP as efficiently, in fact, traps basically become worthless.  I cannot solo as efficiently, which means i’m going to be dying at trash pulls rather than downing bosses.  And let us not forget that you seem to be gutting all of my pets it will be like you never improved them (Why?!? are you nerfing my pets?).  You take away my melee, which means less survivability, okay, i guess i’ll live with it.  You take away my mana, which means the shot rotations are crap and focus is a pain in the neck and i have never been able to be top dps in a raid ever again (something i used to be able to do even when people outgeared me).  But if you nerf my pet into the ground and take away the shot i always made sure to spec into, that kept me alive for years, that was the only thing that made me feel successful as a Hunter, then i’m sorry, i am not willing to be screwed over by you any more.  Stop destroying the game.  You took away my talent tree and gave me a retarded one instead, you cannot have my money if you Frak my pets and take away my mainstays.  There will no longer be any reason to play WoW at all because you will be completely taking away my ability to do what i love, play the way i want.


So you want to get rid of button bloat?  What even makes you think that i want fewer buttons?  There’s a reason that i don’t play certain classes (i.e. with 2-5 button roatations).  I like thinking, being on my toes, having to decide to weave in invaluable shots.  I use most of the Hunter skillset and miss things you’ve already taken away from me.  I groan when i see new players neglecting to follow kill order, anyone dotting up what i’m trying to trap, etc.  You can have Glaive and Murder of Crows and whatever else back.  I would even be willing to give you Stampede, even though it’s the only Oh S#!% button i’ve ever had and has way too long of a CD to be OP.  But do not take away my bread and butter.  I play Survival because i like being able to Survive.  I have never felt OP at any point in this game, let alone this expansion.  I don’t do dailies because whenever i do i’m going to die over and over and over again.  Because mobs are too close together and too OP.  Because you keep nerfing me and never build me up.  The Challenges are pointless, the Heroics are horrible, and i haven’t gotten to raid since i killed Deathwing.  There is no incentive to run heroics because there are no worthwhile upgrades.  I love being a Hunter, i loved this game, and now it’s just become a sad, sad, lonely proposition where all my friends have left and i have no one to play with and now you’re going to take away all the wonderful things about my most beloved character that i have been playing since 2007.


If you go through with this, i would like a refund.  I swear, if you do this, i will not pay a cent for WoD.  It feels like you hate Hunters, you love screwing us over, and we have never gotten our moment in the sun.  I know you are never giving us our mana, good talent trees, or invaluable buffs back, and are just going to dumb down the game some more, i can survive that.  But do not turns this into a D3 or GW2 clone.  I want lots of buttons.  I want more useful abilities, i want you to give me back the ones you took away, i want you to fix the ones you broke.  I want you to stop it with the gimmicks and do something useful.  There’s no reason to try to whitewash the past for something “new and improved” that is really just a sack of Tauren manure.  Please tell me that you’re not going to keep ignoring me, or i’m done.

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