30 Day Challenge – Day 6

30 interesting things about yourself

  1. i have slept in a hammock since August, 2011hammockavatar (no, i have never fallen out of it; yes, it helps my bad back; yes, i built my first frame myself)
  2. i have an indigo blue Betta named Mandy Montoya
  3. i go barefoot a lot and am considering giving up shoes entirely
  4. my feet are pretty wide
  5. i can (and prefer to) drive stick shift
  6. my favorite color is blue followed by orange and yellow-greens (i wish the yellow-green family was considered to be a completely different color than the blue-green family)
  7. my favorite flavor is blue raspberry followed by green apple and strawberry
  8. i usually accessorize with fuchsia (which is a purple, not a pink…pumpspicei’m very picky about colors)
  9. i hate pink unless it’s with orange
  10. i prefer PCs
  11. i love Coca-Cola
  12. i prefer to drink coffee in a frappuccino or iced (Pumpkin Spice everything ftw)
  13. my tongue burns easily
  14. i loved dogs and cats equally
  15. i decorate with birds a lot
  16. i have several film-related posters on my wallsowls
  17. i have even more tv-related t-shirts (Doctor Who, Princess Bride, Star Trek TNG, etc.)
  18. Star Trek (if asked Star Trek vs Star Wars)
  19. i prefer knitting to crochet but know how to do both
  20. i could never survive as a vegetarian…i regularly crave red meat, especially if i’m working out regularly
  21. in college i changed majors repeatedly:  from Theater to Mass Communications (basically journalism) to English (Writing)
  22. i still wonder if i should have majored in something else
  23. my favorite actors from the good ol’ dayskatharine-hepburn-cary-grant-phone are Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn
  24. Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouettes remind me of stogies…not that i’ve ever smoked one
  25. I like Fringe more than Lost but ship Kate/Sawyer harder than Olivia/Peter
  26. it is very rare for me to watch/read something without shipping someone
  27. i love cheese…except Swiss and Blue
  28. i feel ill when i drink milk (not gaseous, but nauseous)…putting chocolate in it can help, but doesn’t always
  29. i’m the oldest of seven children (only one being a boy, no, he’s not the youngest)
  30. my right eye is lazy and mostly corrected with an eye patch in preschool, but i still don’t see out of it very well…i have very little depth perception, and the only thing i do see out of my right eye better than my left eye is color

i love feedback

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