30 Day Challenge – Day 7

Wow, i’m doing terrible at this.  I almost posted this at the same time as my last entry, but decided to wait.  And then one thing after another came up and i still haven’t written this?

Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

Well, to start off, i don’t believe in astrology.  I look to God for my answers, like Carman once said, we can “look to the One who made the stars.”  Heh, i’m so patriotic, i still think about that song, and it kind of goes with the new direction i have for this blog to (eventually?) go in, so i’ll include it here (if you’re interested).

But as for my sign, i am a Sagittarius.  And i’ve always been interested in Robin Hood and archery, take of that what you will.  There was one night i was wide awake, bored, and on Twitter, and saw a #Sagittarius retweet. I decided to look the hashtag up and see if i am anything like the other tweets, too. What i found actually surprised me, that yes, most of the tweets sounded like me. Here are the highlights of what i found:


Before finding those tweets i had zero idea what a Sag is supposedly like, let alone that i share many of these qualities.  I still don’t really know, so i looked some stuff up (which is apparently like a Sag, who knew).

Optimistic/Straightforward/Intellectual (yes to most of this)
Independence and Unemotional (right on the first, wrong on the second)
Restless/Performs well under Pressure/Looks to Future (not too talkative/undercutting complimentary or overconfident at all, though)
Wanderer/Truth Seeker/Listener/Enthusiastic/Procrastinator/Athletic
Independent, Unfollowed/Unfollowing, Integrity
Seek Knowledge/Share Wisdom, Adaptable, Intuitive, Honest
Foot-in-mouth Blunt, One with the World, 11th Hour Luck, “If we don’t have the cash, we can sublimate and rationalize that the movie is better than the trip. After all, we are spiritual beings to the max and we don’t need the literal material expression of a thing to experience it fully.”

They almost all mentioned a good sense of humor and optimism, something that i have always felt is very me and people try to tell me i’m not. Just because i’m blunt and honest about things doesn’t mean that i’m negative, i just don’t hide from them! Good at listening and sharing, it’s very important to me that my ideas are known, but i also like to hear what others’ views are…as long as they’re not stifling me. Loves trying new things. Competitive. Etc.

So, yes, i am a typical Sagittarius. I have no idea how that works out, but it seems to be the case.

i love feedback

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