Mount #126 – Swift Springstrider


This hasn’t shown up here yet, but i am really, really into mounts, (Hunter) pets, and non-combat pets on WoW. In fact, it’s my main reason to grind reputation, and for a while was my sole reason for playing the game. I know that i haven’t got all the Argent Tournie mounts/pets yet (i will grind that for a while, then have to leave off for a while because it gets tedious). But on my old geek blog i was screenshotting all of my new mounts as i approached the big #100.

I haven’t been posting those screenshots in MoP.  This particular mount was just one that got away from me on my push for my 100th mount.  I got tired of clicking on eggs, to be honest, and after getting all the other achievements (i was still working towards my Violet Proto-Drake at the time) i just didn’t have the desire to collect 500 more.  So i basically re-upped my subscription right now to get the Swift Springstrider and to work on Children’s Week.  And somewhat ironically i found a dress, two and a half tuxedos, two spring rabbits, and this mount by the time i hit 200 eggs collected, and then i was considering buying some stuff at the vendor when it glitched and spent 200 eggs on bunny ear hats!  But i got my mount fairly easily (like taking candy from a baby, quite honestly, they’ve dumbed this down so much).

Despite the fact that i’ve been playing WoW for ages, i don’t have all the Children’s Week pets, and i’d really like to rectify that this year.  I once swore that i never would obtain Willy, but now it just seems silly that i don’t have him when i used to raid with him by my side (albeit it being because my ex would pull him out just to annoy me xD).  So, that’s what’s going on with me right now on WoW.

As for MoP mounts…i haven’t bothered for the most part.  It’s still too hard to get any of them.  I have all three cloud serpents on my three 90s, but that is actually not a very difficult thing to achieve at this point.  Do all the quests once and pick up a few black eggs and you’re there.  I do have all the race-specific turtles that i bought with my Panda once she reached a high enough level to ride one, and some goats that i picked up here or there.  The pets are something i’ve been working on more is all.  I mean, i was working on pets so much that i got sick of the pet battles and had to give that up entirely.  I’m actually looking forward to Children’s Week right now.  So i suppose there will be screenshots of that forthcoming very soon, too.  If i actually can stay focused enough to play WoW.  Oo, shiny!

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