feeling like a failure

I doubt that shamans are anyone’s first choice for a soloing choice, but there still some things i could have improved upon before trying to solo what was always a really hard heroic.  I could have:

  • enchanted some of my gear
  • optimized my glyphs
  • upgraded my weapons, bracers, and a ring
  • watched some vids or read up on strategies
  • brought some woks/flasks

It wasn’t really a wholehearted attempt, and as a result i was less successful than i might have been and didn’t have very much fun.  In fact, i pretty much felt like i wasted hours of my day.  But over the past two days i have been remembering why i love this game so much, i just feel like i need a new direction.  There are so many things that i want to do that i end up getting none of them done.  One of the problems is that i would have had more fun on my hunter or maybe another character that i haven’t had the inclination to level to 90 yet, but that wouldn’t help me with my transmog gear at all.  It’s hard when the best character for soloing isn’t the one that wants the drops you’re after.  This is less of an issue when soloing for mounts and pets.  So i’m trying to branch out after not playing seriously for a while and on an alt rather than the character that is strongest for the content.  Hopefully that can change in the near future.

i love feedback

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