of orphans and transmog

So i was very successful last night in my endeavors.  I obtained all the pets i had yet to acquire within a couple of hours running around the world on my main and shammy.  Today i’ve been tinkering around on lowbies so far, hoping to find that some new pets were added to leveling areas  since last night i rolled a gnome and got a new pet on her, i figured maybe i could get a new pet on a goblin.  There are no pet battles on any of the lowbie goblin islands apparently.  ):  Boo!  But i got to rescue Thrall again, though why he needed to be rescued by a lvl 7 is beyond me.


So next i wanted to reveal some of my transmog sets that i’ve been working on.  My enh shaman is currently wearing full Earthfury (sans the gloves, which haven’t dropped for me yet), a Crown of Destruction, and Drape of the Violet Tower.  I have an Earthfury helm but don’t particularly care for it cuz i’m picky about what i put on the heads of my female Trolls.  I still need to decide what to transmog her healing set to.  I have no idea at all, hopefully something water oriented (as opposed to fire), but i haven’t gone looking yet.  For the time being i will probably just flesh out my Zul’Amani mail set.  I have the Mask of Restless SpiritsSpiritbinder Spaulders, and Breastplate of Serenity.  I still need the Mojo-Mender’s Gloves, Hawkscale Waistguard, and Kilt of Forgotten Rites (slight hiccup, i will need to level my arc to 225 to summon the required boss).  I feel like i must have had all of these in the past? but may have deleted them to make room in my bank or been doing more dps at the time.


My druid, on the other hand is all set for her dps set and on the way for healing.  She is fully clad in Embrace of the Viper as Boomkin paired with Corrahn’s Cloak and the Ironfeather Shoulders (i have the matching helm and chest piece but am not currently using them.  I paid a pretty penny for the chest pattern on the AH as it is very rare and i wasn’t having luck farming it).  All she needs to complete this set is a matching main hand weapon to pair with the Aboriginal Rod.  She’s alternatively clad in Jinxed Hoodoo as Resto.  I could use some more pieces to match the Jinxed Hoodoo, but it was surprisingly difficult to find the right light green and bronze combinations when i was looking on WoWhead before.  I’m seriously considering going w/o cloak turned on because the back of the outfit is so pretty.


So some soloing is probably in my near future with some transmog aims.  I’m thinking about putting up some soloing vids/guides but it will probably never happen.

i love feedback

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