Zul-Aman soloing issues

Akil’zon’s trash at the beginning hits surprisingly hard.  If you don’t deal with them and sneak past to the boss, they are all pulled when you engage Akil’zon.  Add the birds and backstabbers to the equation, and you’ve got a recipe for a headache.  You need to kill the Wind Walker’s first because they Chain Heal.  Take it a step at a time and don’t freak out.  A healer is preferable as you might need to top off between pulls but it is very difficult to stay out of combat.  If you’re not being attacked by a new wave of birds it’s the pair of trolls who snuck up behind you.  Very hard, very frustrating.  Alchemist’s Rejuvenation is a life saver.  I tried to use my Earth and Fire Elemental as sparingly as possible and saved my Feral Spirits for times of high damage.

Akil’zon himself… there’s just so much damage in this fight.  Birds pecking at you, bird picking you up, Lightning Storm.  I got him down to 53% my first try, only 76% my second and third (that third time i was being carried by a bird 2/3 of the time).  Fourth chance, 69%, there’s no way for me to stay healed up or do damage to boss because the birds are killing me way too fast.

So with much regret i decided to focus on the boss i actually needed for my transmog purposes… Jan’Alai.  On trash pulls, you must kill the Amani’shi Scout first or you’re going to get two more uninvited guests to the party.  And as it turned out this trash can kill you pretty quickly in a group and takes a little while to kill.  It was frustrating very quickly.  And i basically couldn’t even get to the boss because i couldn’t sneak past all the trash and i couldn’t kill them before they killed me, either.  So i guess this is going to be on the backburner for the time being as i don’t know how to solo anything in ZA with my Shaman.


This is total B.S.  I’m on top of the wall, i should be able to walk over the top of it to the other side, but no, they won’t let me!


ETA:  I did, however, finally acquire Mojo.

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