So i bought six enchants for my Enh Shammy and a meta gem for her helm (last time i looked on the AH there were none available, this time there was a handful).  I changed two of my major glyphs (had to buy them off AH, too, seriously need to level an Inscriptionist) and switched a talent but can’t tell that it helped.  I know it cost over 1k gold but i’m sure it was worth it.  I could tell that i had more survivability even without buffs.  Some tips:

  • remember, Scouts pull two additional mobs in if allowed to ring the gong
  • Archons, Hierophant, and Juggernauts can’t be hexed and have an enrage type thing that’s brutal
  • Juggernauts hit hard; when he enrages, stay out of the earthquake if you can
  • hex the Trainers, deal with the dragonhawks first
  • if you have hex sticks you can release frogs that will give you buffs
  • The Juggernauts are enraging when still over half health and nearly instantly kill me; efforts to kite them have failed abysmally

Once again, SO FRUSTRATED.  The Juggernauts are invincible, and i’m down another 140g in repairs.

i love feedback

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