transmog update

So today i dinged on my Shadow Priest (right now she’s almost to 84) and finished leveling Fyreanjel’s archaeology to 225 so i could actually kill the boss i wanted in ZG.  The trash right before the boss was harder than the boss itself, truth be told.  Not that i did spectacularly, but i got him down without wiping after wiping on the tiki masks three or four times.


So Wushoolay was the boss that came up and i got my kilt (of the Forgotten Rites) to drop.  First try!  I’m never that lucky normally.  When i went to transmog it i discovered that i do, in fact, have the matching Hawkscale Waistguard in Void Storage (nice, since it only has a 15% droprate).  And decided that Cloak of the Shrouded Mists matched nicely (ironic, since it drops off Ragnaros, and i had no real reason to keep it and don’t plan to kill him again on Fyre).  So all i need to get is the gloves.  I’m currently using Handguards of the Tormented for Enh and Spiritwalker’s Handwraps for Resto.  Those Handguards dropped with the kilt and are the red version of the Amani Mail.  Truth be told, i thought that i used to have some of those pieces when i was running ZG, too, but only have Breastplate of Primal Fury anymore.  I’m sure i had the Waistband of Hexes if nothing else.  I ran ZA and ZG a LOT.  I have the Amani Battle Bear.  Of course, it might be that i actually had those pieces on my Hunter and am mis-remembering.

So my Shaman transmog sets are currently thus:

earthfury gloveless

amani mail gloveless

i love feedback

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