i killed a Juggernaut!

I almost thought it couldn’t be done.


I do not like soloing ZA.  I wipe on trash, it’s embarrassing.  This place has always been hard (when it was a raid trash respawned way too quickly), but i feel like a noob.

But i got Jan’alai to 49% on my first try.  That’s better than i was doing on eagle boss.  I tried doing it without killing the Hatchers, which i figured would be nuts, and it was.  After five tries…i got him down to 11% and died.  Ugh.  I meant to go to bed after five tries, but come one, 11%?!?  I had to try again.  Try 6, 30%, i had to go repair. ):  ~135g at Tranquilien w/Revered rep. 7th try, 11% again.  At that point he’s enraging and i don’t have anything left to pop really. 8th try, 10%, and i’m ready to call it a night

I need better gear still before i can do this.  One or two pieces should do the trick.

Kind of OT: i tried using fraps (demo version) to record my Wushoolay kill earlier today and it did not go well.  It will only record two minutes at a time (w/demo version) and was lagging like crazy.  I’ll have to find another program if i’m going to make WoW vids.

i love feedback

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