30 Day Challenge – Day 9

How you hope your future will be like.


think they’re asking what i hope my future will be like.  The answer is relatively simple.  I hope that i will be able to feel/hear the Holy Spirit and be strong enough to do His will.  I hope that i will be able to pay off all of my debt and have enough money to support myself or someone who is willing and able to support me.  I hope that i will have a husband that doesn’t have anger issues and isn’t emotionally distant and adores me.  I hope that I will have children (at home) and homeschool them.  I hope that i will get to travel more, create a home with the man i love, and live a long, healthy, happy life.  I hope that my heart will be healed, my reward will be bountiful enough to make me feel like the suffering was worth it, and that my life is made rich by the family and friends that i will be surrounded with.

I’m not asking for much. xD

i love feedback

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