Legendary Cloak? Challenge Accepted


So i’ve started playing WoW again since i wrote Sorry, Blizz, you can’t have my buttons.  I have reconnected with an old friend from the BC days, realm transferred, made some new friends, guild transferred with those friends, and finally earned my legendary cloak.  My perspective of the MoP expansion has changed somewhat.


I have ~132 mounts now, one of which is the Blue Proto-Drake.  Mally still isn’t feeling like giving it up, or the Baron’s replacement.  I haven’t been in Kara lately, but have been doing other old raids with new friends and acquaintances.  Hopefully i’ll reach the 150 mark by the end of the year.


I was PvPing like crazy with my old friend and her cousin.  I actually entered an Arena for the first time since BC and tend to do well in 3v3 (having reached the upper 1200 region).  I only need four more pieces of Prideful as i recall.  I use Flare a lot, not that it works all that great, it’s too slow to use being the main reason.  I have been using my Devilsaur to debuff healing like crazy.  I use Stampede, Murder of Crows, Intimidation, Counter Shot, Scatter Shot, Arcane Torrent, even Widow’s Venom, all in an attempt to get the healer down before they get me or my healer down.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I am looking forward to traps being upgraded.  I don’t care about Distracting Shot anymore, but i still use Scatter Shot a ton.


I’ve been working on my Pokemon pet collection to good effect.  It’s getting easier to do Pet Dailies but i still haven’t ventured into the tournament on the Timeless Isle.  No one cares to buy the spare Rascal-Bot that i made on either server i’m playing on. /:


I have fallen in love with my monk.  She’s squishier than i would like but really fun to level.  I’m dreading her being nerfed in WoD.  I’ve tried tanking some but have no confidence doing it.  I prefer Fistweaving but hear that it’s impractical at max level.  ETA: I have occasionally tanked as a Fistweaver in emergency situations, most notably a Violet Hold where a tank refused to move from portal to portal.  I’ve mostly been leveling as a healer, even when questing (which there hasn’t been much of, actually, its been dungeons galore).  She’s in Pandaria now, so i’ll soon be trying our the ropes at max level.  I’ve rolled several alts on my new server.  I’m hoping to master playing a Disc priest and try tanking with my new druid.  Oh, and the first character i rolled on the server (even before transferring), Shockalujah (resto shammy), is level 89.


Luinel has killed Garry 3 times, wiped on him many, many more, and he has yet to drop anything for me.  I’m starting to get to where i’m in the top 5 dps for LFR or Flex 1 and 2 (depending on raid composition).  I can’t beat lock AoE.  My gear isn’t quite there yet for Flex 3 or 4.  But i did get my cloak.  The AoE effect is impressive, i’m looking forward to that boost in raid.  I’ve got four pieces of tier gear, 1 normal, 3 flex as i recall.  I haven’t upgraded all of them yet, so much flex gear at the same time, and i’m in bad need of a ring, the proper trink, and boots.  But the cloak really helps, i can solo so much more on the TI (and in old content) than i used to.

I am enjoying raiding for the most part, but there are so many fights where so much can go wrong (Thok and Siegecrafter, i’m looking at you!).  The trash before Galakras and Shamans is heinous.  Nazgrim, just go down, i’m sick of looking at you.  The double wave at the end is just not right.  And don’t even get me started on the headache that Garry is.

So, ultimately… i am confused about the Garrison being so important to leveling process (it takes up most of 90-91 from what i’ve seen on YouTube).  I think that Blizz is trying to go in right direction with grounding us, but if they don’t give us flight at max level i’ll be really upset.  I don’t know who to level first!  I’ll probably buy the xpac this week, i’ve kind of been putting it off.

i love feedback

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