30 Day Challenge – Day 11

Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

Uh, i don’t have an iPod, and i didn’t write any of the songs that i have on mp3.  Would you like me to list the 10 songs that came up in Winamp when put on shuffle?  Every day i just want to make fun of these prompts, not because they’re bad prompts, but because they’re poorly written!  Sorry to be a grammar snob.

1 – Britney Spears/Don Phillip – I Will Still Love You – Baby One More Time

Why is this even on my computer?  Oh, because i got nostalgic about Britney one day and decided to rip all her albums again.  I barely remember this song. /shudder

2 – Murray Gold – Emotions Get the Better of Him – Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack

My sister bought this album, she keeps stealing my music so this is one of hers that i stole. xD  I don’t remember this track, usually i would be able to place what episode and scene a song is from when i hear it.  Judging from its placement in the album (second to last track) it must have been in the Pandorica Bang two parter.

3 – Steven Curtis Chapman – How Do I Love Her – All About Love

I can’t believe this song is already twelve years old.  This is from SCC’s love song album (He covers I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) on it).  It’s a prayer about being a good enough man for his wife.  Not my favorite song from the album, but it’s got a good chorus.  I still love SCC even though my listening tastes have changed in the past 10 years.

4 – Britney Spears – Soda Pop – Baby One More Time

Why, Winamp, when you have nearly 3k songs to choose from, do you go to the same album twice?  I like this song better than the other one.

5 – Evanescence – My Immortal – Fallen

I love this song so much.  It will still pop into my head at random times.  If i adjust the lyrics just a bit i can sing it about my Dark Night.  It is so beautiful.  I prefer the remix at the end of the album as i recall, but it’s nearly the same as this version.  This is one of the songs i first heard during the time i was struggling to support myself (with roommates in an apartment) for the first time.  I was actually very happy during that time until i lost my job, sprained my ankle horribly, and couldn’t find a job that would allow me to support myself.

6 – Jeremy Camp – Revive Me – Carried Me: the Worship Project

I bought this album for Carried Me, but this is probably my next favorite song on the album.  I had heard Carried Me on the radio and one of the divers at the Olympics was apparently listening to the album as she waited for her turn to dive.  I remember listening to this album a lot at the Blume conference in Kansas City.  That wasn’t the most pleasant trip, i was pretty isolated, but i had a good time overall.

7 – Hilary Duff – Do You Want Me? – Hilary Duff

I always felt like this song was written about me. xD  I loved Hilary on Lizzie MacGuire and maintain that she’s a better singer than Britney.  I don’t listen to pop like this very much (ever) anymore.

8 – Máire Brennan – Mary of the Gaels – Whisper to the Wild Water

Enya’s sister (sometimes called Moya) who writes and sings music that is just as beautiful in my opinion.  I’m not sure what Mary this song refers to but it is one of my favorite of her instrumental songs (no lyrics).  My favorite song from this album is Peacemaker (based on the famous Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi).

9 – Avril Lavigne – One of Those Girls – The Best Damn Thing

I would say that Avril was another step in my transition from Britney –> Hilary –> Avril –> Hayley (Paramore).  I know there were other artists that i listened at the same time as Avril and before Paramore… Jennifer Knapp, Pink, Meredith Brooks, Michelle Branch, Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, just to name a few.  I feel like i can’t consider myself to be a fan of a group unless i’m familiar with all of their songs.  I keep meaning to go back to some of these groups but never find the time.

10 – Colbie Caillat – Taylor Made – Coco

Colbie is kind of poppy for my newer tastes in music but sounds so happy.  And i believe that she is happy, not just putting a “joyful” face on her music (like some Christian music that sounds saccharin).  And i like her songs’ Hawaiian vibe (i’ve always dreamed of going to Hawaii and learning how to surf).  This is just one of her simple love songs.  It doesn’t stand out to me but i think it’s one i was listening to while i was with my ex.  That and Jordin Sparks and Shakira.

i love feedback

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