30 Day Challenge – Day 11 (redux)

I didn’t think it was quite right that there were so many old songs in my shuffle last time i did this, so i’ve been meaning to redo do it with only the songs i would load on a new iPod or my phone if space was limited.  My playlist was probably still too full of old songs but i’ve been pretty nostalgic lately, so it made since.  These were the first ten out of thousands.

  1. Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head – A Rush of Blood to the Head
  2. Steven Curtis Chapman – Live Out Loud – Declaration
  3. Muse – Knights of Cydonia – Black Holes and Revelations
  4. Sie – Sublimes (Lucy Rmx) – Sublimes
  5. Shakira – The One – Laundry Service
  6. Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am – Be OK
  7. Jennifer Knapp – Fall Down – The Way I Am
  8. Relient K – When I Go Down – MmHmm
  9. David Crowder Band – Our Love is Loud – Can You Hear Us?
  10. Paramore – Born for This – Riot!

None of these is my favorite song of the band…except maybe the Muse song.  It’s really hard to choose with Muse.  I have too many “favorite” songs with them.  But this is a pretty good representation of my favorite bands/artists.  I also listen to a lot of soundtracks, and i didn’t include Enya/Moya or similar albums that i have.  Or Christmas.  I’ll probably start listening to Christmas music soon.

Re: Sie…  A friend of mine that i still play with on WoW found Sie when we were still on MySpace.  She a German Electro/Minimal DJ and there’s not much about her on the net.  My favorite song of hers was a remix of Silvouplay’s Subway.

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