30 Day Challenge – Day 12

Bullet your whole day.

Er…rather boring day, really.

  • Wake up after sleeping through alarms.
  • Feed fish.
  • Get dressed.
  • Bathroom activities (private:  will not address subsequent visits).
  • Grab two pieces of bread and head out door w/library returns, Bible study, and purse.
  • Drive to work eating bread and listening to Glenn Beck.
  • Arrive at work, walk cross parking lot, ding bell, wait to be let in.
  • Get vest on, check which register i’ll be on, clock in.
  • Work from 9-11:15, checking people out mostly, some returns, kind of slow really.
  • Work on Beth Moore Bible study during break.  I’m hungry but didn’t bring snack and don’t have enough change to buy something out of vending machine.
  • Work from 11:30 to 12:30, switch lunches with co-worker because she isn’t hungry yet.  I, however, am.
  • Walk across parking lot to Sonic, order chicken strip meal, Coke, and splurge on Mozzerella Sticks.
  • Play knock-off-Scrabble app on cellphone while i’m waiting for food.  Have imaginary conversation with Fassy about nothing in particular.  Where he’s sitting in relation to me at the table.  The weather (which has gotten pleasantly sunny after cloudy start to day).
  • Receive food.  Onion ring is sublime.
  • Lament the fact that they gave me Ranch instead of the requested Honey Mustard.  Way too salty.  Gravy is too watered down and flavorless.  Imagine Fassy daring me to try mixing the two.  Actually try dunking chicken in gravy, then Ranch, but Ranch is too overpowering.  Yep, i’m adventurous and apparently give into peer pressure.
  • Walk across parking lot with leftovers.
  • Work from 1:00 to 3:45.  Busier, lots of returns, still a bit slower than usual for a Monday.
  • Work on Beth Moore Bible study during break.  Finish off my tater tots and cheese sticks.
  • I’m feeling really tired at this point.  I finally get off at 5, clean my station, clock out, get my bible study and purse, head for car.
  • Briefly consider buying a slush at Sonic but drive to library instead.
  • Return DVDs, read a chapter of book that audio book CD is scratched beyond listening to, pick up a few episodes of Poirot.
  • Drive from library to my usual grocery store.
  • Shop for my usual staples and a few splurges.  Am feeling weak at this point and was probably too hungry to be shopping.
  • Drive home listening to Oldies on radio.
  • Bring in most of groceries, put away.
  • Feed fish.
  • Start a load of laundry.
  • Play with kittens outside on front porch for 5-10 minutes.
  • Bring in rest of groceries (non-perishables, obviously).
  • Get online, start watching Big Bang Theory, eat a salad while i watch.
  • Check laundry that’s in dryer, it’s still damp, restart it.  Argh.
  • Watch more Big Bang Theory while eating a pint of ice cream and some bacon jerky.
  • Start compiling a playlist to redo last writing prompt from.
  • Buy some mp3s from Amazon that i’ve been putting off.  One of the albums is on sale for $5 (score!).
  • Restart compiling playlist AGAIN.
  • Write post.
  • Post post.
  • Watch a couple of YouTube videos.  Batman vs Superman (Batman won), actors vote for who they prefer/think would win?
  • Start this post.
  • Realize i should have moved laundry along already.

What’s next?  I need to plank for 60 seconds, move laundry along, get ready for bed.  I don’t think I’m going to get on WoW tonight.  Maybe i’ll listen to some more of my audio book and try to get to bed earlier than usual.  Ha.  Post.

ETA: I swear that my Fassy addiction is waning and i haven’t been talking to him as much lately.

i love feedback

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