the days are numbered

Okay, to start things out, i have been killing Coren daily on multiple characters and still haven’t gotten the Ram.  I finally built myself an Iron Golem.  Oh, and i finally killed Garry on 10-man Norm after trying for over a month.  Mount #135 and a sweet title.


I thought i would be writing a TON this week since i had a week off from work.  Things didn’t work out that way.  I’ve been playing WoW like mad and trying to clean a bit (though i confess i’m not cleaning as much as i should).  Why?  I’m trying to figure out who to boost to 90 and make the most of the last days of MoP.  That’s right, i finally paid for WoD and now have a free 90 burning a hole on my screen.

I’ve actually been thinking about it for weeks, and originally intended to boost my monk, but now my Monk is languishing at lvl 86 and feels way too squishy.  Way too squishy.  Apparently this is the case until you get them geared to 570-580ish.  I haven’t even gotten my Hunter main that geared!  Leveling a Monk was amazing, slightly OP but mostly just fun, but as soon as Meilei hit 80 it all fell apart.  I’d read about heirloom gear not really being powerful enough until you ding 81, i got through that, and it didn’t really help that much.  My heals are suddenly too small and i am constantly OOM.  I realize that the old content has been made so easy that it’s a joke, but i would never have leveled this far if it had been like this the entire leveling process.  It’s just disheartening that something that was so fun is suddenly so frustrating.  Not only that, but the xp buff daily has become impossible with some of the instructors as they are now ignoring the skills that i am meant to use to defeat them.  Boo.  Poorly played, Blizz.  And the buff?  Doesn’t even get me through a level.  I’ve used at least three buffs as an 86 and still haven’t dinged 87.  And i’m loathe to grind it when i can make so much more progress elsewhere at the moment.

I leveled a druid to 20 like a month ago and have just left here there.  I have a 90 druid on Hakkar that i never play.  Why?  I actually enjoy playing Boomkin on her, but i have absolutely no idea how to tank or heal with her.  I know that i tanked a bit while i was leveling, but i mostly Boomkin quested.  Similarly, i have a Spriest on Hakkar that is sitting at 86, was one of the first alts i rolled, and i’ve never max leveled her.  I always assumed i would because the first character i raided on was my brother-in-law’s priest.  I don’t even know how i did that as i was such a noob at the time (i hadn’t even reached max level on my main yet) that i must have been hopeless.  Right now i have a lvl 21 Disc priest that i’m leveling to try that spec out for the first time ever really.  I tried to heal as Disc on my Spriest a bit, i think, but she’s another character that i mostly just quested as dps.  Oh, and there’s my character Fauxdex, a Human Spriest, sitting pretty at 64 on Ysondre.  I want to level her merely for the achieve of having a 90 on each side and because she’s my homage to Codex.  That i still want to finish the Loremaster achieve on the Alliance side because i’m a major nerd.

Okay, so i’m not getting anywhere very fast on my monks, priests, or druids.  I somehow got it in my head that it would be a good idea to learn how to tank.  That’s part of the reason that i rolled a monk.  And i did tank with her some leveling up, i just enjoyed healing on her more.  And tanking as heals from time to time when the tank dropped group.  I swear, fistweaving as a tank was fun.  You already get mad aggro healing, why not put it to good use?  So what have i gone and rolled now to try to tank on?  A DK, a Warrior, and a Paladin.  All of which i have rolled in the past and never gotten beyond lowbie status (well the DK this doesn’t apply to exactly, but i’ve never gotten one to 70).  My GM plays a DK that he loves, apparently to pull mad deeps as Frost, but he does tank from time to time and can solo tank stuff that is insane.  He has a warrior that he has never mastered in the same way (his words) but i’m sure he’s better at that i could ever hope to be.  And my sister was our faithful tankadin in BC so i always was partial to them back then.  But i’m not sure which i would enjoy playing the most.  Historically i have never enjoyed a paladin enough to ding 40 on her.  But i’ve rolled more pallies than warriors or dks.

I normally would want to do a list of pros and cons.  But i’m too ignorant of the pros and cons.  People always say “play what you enjoy” regardless to if it’s OP or nerfed atm.  That and to roll one leather class and one plate class.  And i get that, but the only way i know of to find out if you enjoy a class is to roll it…and then you might find out it’s not enjoyable when you get to Cata content.  I wish there was a way to test out characters at max level.  There are only so many slots per server.  So what i’m doing is mostly wasting time, really.  So, for my chosen plate class:  my pally is not the forerunner.  I do enjoy playing her more so far than i remember in the past, but i just don’t think it’ll happen right now, there are too many things on my plate.  Which leaves the Warrior vs DK.  The Warrior is fun but a little rage starved atm.  One of our main tanking talents requires us to have 60 rage at this level, which rarely happens.  I think part of my problem is that i don’t really care for Rage/Energy/Focus systems.  DKs are more difficult to master but have a more reliable resource system once it’s mastered, or so i’ve been told.  I’ve never mastered that, never really cared for DKs.  It’s this whole Light vs Dark vs Rage mentality, which fits me?  I’m kind of leaning towards the DK and i have no idea why.  Cuz i don’t want to take time to level the Warrior?  I could simply max level it instantly though and the DK would still be within a stone’s throw.  This boost is scary.  I could roll a class and have an instant 90 with absolutely no idea whatsoever how to play it.  It’s like the DKs in Wrath all over again.  And it’s what i’ve been living with for months, guiding noobs into the raid environment.  Cuz who does heroics anymore?  No one.

And the big question is…how much is it going to change in a week.  So i’m trying to find people who have been playing the Beta, who know what’s going to be good to play vs what’s being nerfed so hard.  Right now i’m so confused.  I’m sure to make the wrong choice.  My big question right now…am i going to level Lui to 100 first?  If not, which class do i choose?

ETA: So i dinged 87 and read up a bit on monk healing and am doing a bit better and enjoying her more than i was at 86.  Idk what was up with that hump since i’m already over halfway through with 87, unbuffed and after fewer dungeons (albeit with the quests as they just opened up to me).

i love feedback

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