30 Day Challenge – Day 13

Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

Do i go with something realistic or fantastic?  Is there a difference?

I’ve wanted to visit Hawaii since i was about six or seven.  My mom is big on geography and when she started homeschooling me she had worksheets for each state.  For some reason Hawaii really stuck with me.  We would color the state flower and/or state bird i think, and fill in some facts about the state and its capital.  A few years later i was reading the Christy Miller series, one of which featured a vacation in Maui.  And one of the love interests was a surfer dude.  My favorite Disney movie growing up was Swiss Family Robinson, not quite Hawaii, but i just always felt drawn to sailing, surviving on a tropical isle with lots of animals to discover and places to explore, learning how to surf, survive, be innovative, etc.  So if there was any place in the world i could visit, Hawaii would be at the top of that list.

Another top destination would be London.  I’m not sure where to start there, but especially since becoming a fan of Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and steampunk it just seems like a natural place to visit.  I love history, i love travelling, it just has to be on the bucket list.  I’d like to spend more time in Rome and visit Luxor if i ever go back to Egypt.  I want to visit New Zealand, Germany, Israel, so many places that i wouldn’t know where to start, but i want to have someone to visit them with.

I want to travel through space, i always have.  It seems like a sick joke that we don’t have trips to the Moon or Mars, i mean look at 2001, Blade Runner, and the Alien films.  They predicted we would be going out there.  Why are we still stuck on this rock?  It’s beautiful, but i want to see more than this.  I have serious wanderlust.  And i have been living here in western Colorado for longer than i like to stay in one place.

Where i would like to move…somewhere colder.  I know that sounds nuts.  But i’m so tired of being hot all the time and never being able to bundle up.  I didn’t even wear a jacket or sweater today until after dark and only got cool once because i was sweating at one point and that gave me a chill.  I am so tired of being overheated.  Alternately i want to find that deserted island or a beach to live on but i think the humidity would bother me.  I would be in the water all the time, every day.  And forget shoes, i’m so sick of shoes, why do i have to put my feet in shoes which are painful and make me even hotter?  Someplace i can be barefoot every day and with politics that don’t make me scared to have kids.  I don’t know if such a place exists anymore.

i love feedback

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