30 Day Challenge – Day 14

Your earliest memory.

I’m not sure of this, but i think that it was of being reprimanded by my father when i was between the ages of 2-4 or swimming in my turtle pool when i was about 3-4.  Part of the reason i’m not sure is that there are photographs or stories that have been in circulation for so long that i’m not sure if i remember the actual events or if i told myself that i remembered them because they were similar enough.  I do remember accidentally pooping in the bath when i was small, around this same time, and i think i put the evidence in the toilet myself.

My clearest early memories are of attending Mapleview Christian Preschool when i was 4-5, and living in the San Diego area, just snippets and impressions really.  I remember having Twinkies in my lunch box and eating one before my sandwich, one after.  I remember running around the playground, figuring out how to swing, eating berries off a pepper tree (to no ill effects), playing with a boy in a wooden firetruck, and trying to swing with a rainbow pinwheel.  I remember finally figuring out how to climb on top of and into a huge monster/trailer tire by myself and then being forced to help my sister do the same, when i had been told repeatedly that i wasn’t allowed to have help doing the same.  I remember a seesaw, an ice cream social with those little cups with wooden paddles instead of spoons, my father being baptized, being spanked for wiggling around too much during nap time at preschool, and thinking graduating from preschool was rather silly.  I remember being lonely during preschool, singing “Beautiful” and other Psalty songs, getting in trouble for peeling glue off my fingers and playing with toys alone when i was supposed to do something with the group.  I remember attending AWANA during game time, singing praise songs in church, learning how to tie my shoes during my mother’s choir practice, holding “Act __” signs up for a play while being dressed up in a very itch tutu.  I remember my father always turning the lights out on one particularly curvy stretch of road.  I remember more things about this age than some of my elementary years.  I could go on.

i love feedback

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