I ultimately wasn’t able to figure out a title for this blog that really clicked for me.  I’m currently using the placeholder “~” which has long been a favorite symbol of mine.  I’m not really sure why, perhaps it’s the compromise between stiff and flourished.  In high school i used to play around with writing in different fonts, and it was then that the “S” in my initials became a tilde set on end.  Years later, TPTB at Heroes decided to make a similar shape their “Godsend” symbol, but by that time i had already been using it for years and even developed a signature using my initials and the Godsendesque-S.  So tildes are distinctly me by now, moreso than any word or words could be.

Yesterday afternoon i spent hours trying to find a template that looked minimalist but customizable and professional enough to satisfy my needs.  I’m not sure i’ve succeeded.  I think that i will have to pay for my own domain before WordPress will allow me to do what i want with this space.  In the meantime i want to mention Leo Babauta’s mnmlist theme and blog, which has helped me internalize some of what i have been ruminating upon lately.  Chris Magiera‘s themes Papaver and Balloons stuck out to me as beautiful and whimsical options if i do ever choose to upgrade this site.  I probably won’t use them as they lack some of the options that i’m looking for, but i enjoyed playing with the demos.


i love feedback

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