state of the career

I have meant to write an update so many times in the past couple weeks but life has been a whirlwind.

I am still working at Hobby Lobby and inventory is this week.  I’m eating my words.  But, i am also starting a new job.  I’m going to try to keep both simultaneously because it is only seasonal.  I was training in Denver over the past two days and was so excited about it until yesterday when we had so many technical difficulties, and i got a headache, and i was just so tired and just done.  I was done.  Not with the job, but with Denver.  I am not meant to be a city girl, no siree.  I was very excited to visit, since i hadn’t been there since passing through last March, but a two day visit was more than enough for me.  Traffic is terrible.  I cannot find anything without using GPS navigation.  There are so many “scary” feeling parts of town that are run down and being restored interspersed with new, sterile, areas where a young workforce is being drawn in.  Everything was gray the entire time, which contributed to getting turned around repeatedly.  I only saw the sun once for about an hour, and i couldn’t see the mountains or the sky.  It was such a relief to come home even as i had been dreading driving back in snow.  The snow and traffic was so heavy on our way over that i was pretty scared in one stretch and think it’s a miracle that we arrived in one piece.  I took my sister with me, and i’m sure she was thoroughly bored with was mostly a disappointing trip, but i am so glad that she did most of the driving on the way home, as i was too exhausted, i would have been forced to stay another night.

I am eager to get to work, but i also feel drained.  I think i might be getting sick again, and am barely over my last cold.  I will be working from home and need to create a work place, which i think will entail putting away all my sewing projects and sewing machine (something that is overdue as i haven’t sewn in a long time due to frustration).  I kind of cleaned up my cureent “desk” area before turning on my new laptop to type this.  What’s this?  Yes, i put a new laptop on the credit card.  I wasn’t about to haul my huge, aging PC to Denver, and my netbook is entirely inadequate to the work i will be doing.  So far i am enjoying everything about this new laptop except that it’s Windows 8 and i still haven’t had the opportunity to play WoW on it.  I’ve downloaded everything and been too busy and tired.  I miss playing and feel guilty that i haven’t gotten more work done at the same time.  I need to get over this hump and find some balance.

I still want to quit my job at Hob Lob and find other sources of income.  I’m not entirely sure what that will be but i’m planning to try some transcription work and maybe i can house/pet sit in the “off” season of Caption Colorado (my new job), which is seasonal (quarterly).  Maybe next quarter it will be a replacement income and above, but right now i’m still learning the ropes and finding my feet.  It would also be lovely if i could actually start writing again.  I’m thrilled to finally be an editor, and am sure this job will be great experience, but i’m also very aware that i will always be a rural girl.  I didn’t realize this when i was a child, i wanted to escape the desert, to move somewhere larger, but i think that was actually my wanderlust and i didn’t understand it yet.  Going on vacation was always hugely exciting for me, but i always get to a point where i want to go home, to quiet safety and rest.  New experiences are wonderful in small doses…but familiarity and safety has something to be said for it as well.

My goals/resolutions for the year:

  • find a new job (check)
  • find ways to make money besides traditional 9-to-5 job
  • pay off student loans and credit cards
  • save money for a cabin or tiny house on my parents’ property
  • long term save money for my own property
  • start writing fiction again

i love feedback

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