30 day challenge – Day 15

Your favorite Tumblrs.

I don’t use Tumblr as much as i used to…but joining Tumblr changed my life.  It affected me in different ways than Pinterest or LiveJournal has.  And i tend to lurk, i don’t actually talk to people or get to know them very much.  So it’s not directly a social thing for me even as people have really affected me and made me feel better about myself as a geek.  This is going to be kind of a random list in haphazard order.  My favorite Tumblrs are:

My top thirty-two of about 70, phew.  I’ve unfollowed some people that i really liked because they were so political and anti-white.  Tumblr also has people who make me feel unwanted and hated unfortunately by talking about how awesome it is to be the member of a minority group, how horrible white people are, and how horrible Christians are.  So i stay away more than i really want to so i don’t get hurt or mad or offend anyone.

There are two sides to every coin.

i love feedback

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