30 day challenge – Day 16

Your views on mainstream music.

I’ve been meaning to write this since writing my last prompt (how has it already been 6 1/2 weeks?), in fact i usually want to write the next response immediately but always find some way to let it slip by me time and again.  I’ll write that today, i thought a week ago, just as i had the week before that.  Something always comes up, interrupts, distracts, pushes it aside yet again.  I don’t think certain forces want me to write anything, i have to choose to push something else aside and make writing the priority to get anywhere.

As a child, i knew of mainstream music from movies, TV shows, and brief snatches on the radio, but never would have thought of the music my mother played at home, which was entirely Christian music, as mainstream.  For years and years, whenever anyone asked me what my favorite song was i either had no response whatsoever or was completely certain that the person asking would never have heard of the group or song.  At a young age i would have and did respond with Michael W. Smith or Sandi Patti.  I am not quite certain why as they were never my favorite singers.  Steven Curtis Chapman was the first to have received this honor i believe, and i didn’t really know of his music until i was a preteen.  In high school, this gradually changed.  I went to on concert with Rebecca St. James and hardly knew who she was, and though i am fond of a couple of her songs i am not a great fan of hers.  Judging by the WoW Christian Music albums, i never was a great fan of most mainstream Christian groups, either, which is still the case since only one out of the twenty top groups this week are someone that i used to be a fan of, and only two others i am mildly interested in.

In high school i started to realize that Christian music was mostly fake.  Everything was hunky dory for the people in the song, everything was 100% about what God was doing instantly for people with minor problems–if any–in their life, and most of the music was not even that good.  I was being exposed to more secular pop and R&B at the time, but none of that was really appealing to me, either.  I still don’t have a one true love or a life focused on sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, etc.  It all seemed fake, all of it, and there were only a few groups that i felt really spoke to me, none of them seeming mainstream.

Post-high school i gradually found more and more singers that actually seemed real to me.  Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, and Michelle Branch spring to mind immediately.  I loved Enya and movie/tv soundtracks at the time.  I gradually discovered Relient K, Jennifer Knapp, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Thousand Foot Krutch, Switchfoot, David Crowder Band, Shakira, and a couple of other groups that are less important to me now and i really only dabbled in.  Watch Grey’s Anatomy got me into some great songs that i never went any further with.

I still wouldn’t really say that my tastes are mainstream.  I listen to Muse, Paramore, Ingrid Michaelson, and Colbie Caillat.  I still listen to Relient K, Coldplay, and Shakira.  I will probably get around to hearing more Brandi Carlile and FreshlyGround eventually.  I wish Sie had made more music and will probably look to a friend of mine for guidance in the ways of Trance, Electronica, etc.  I like Enya and Moya equally.  Avicii was interesting to listen to recently, but over the past couple of months i’ve mostly been listening to Classic Rock, ever since Guardians of the Galaxy probably.  I’m barely starting to look into German music since i’m studying German.

I have no idea what mainstream is.  If i hear a song, and i like it, i want to hear more songs from that artist.  If the video or their appearance is a turnoff, i might not be able to get past it.  I want to hear pleasing sounds that are permeated with truth, not anyone’s fake self-centered garbage.  I only know a little bit about a small segment of music that’s available to me, and maybe it’s more mainstream than i realize, but i always feel like an outsider and that’s the music i’m looking for, music that speaks to the outsider in me.

i love feedback

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