30 day challenge – Day 17

Your highs and lows of this past year.higharches

Ah, 2014.

My high was successfully completing the hike to Delicate Arch at Arches National Park on May 6th.  It was kind of a low at the same time, as it was a difficult and painful journey that was rushed rather than savored.  But it is something that i accomplished on my own, all 290+ pounds of me at the time.

My low was being belittled, verbally abused, and lied about to my face for over 30-45 minutes straight at work on August 6, along with the other disinformation that occurred in the months before and directly afterward.  This event had its own silver lining, since two customers saw that i was distraught and brought me words of encouragement.

The truth is that highs and lows are not opposite ends of the spectrum, not really.  They occur simultaneously, walk hand in hand, both the Enemy’s actions and the Lord’s deliverance, comfort, strength.

i love feedback

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