taking the dive again

So i’ve been longing to start training again (running most of all) over the past couple of weeks but my allergies have been heinous.  With the mild winter we are going to have a tough spring here in western Colorado.  Well i’m feeling a lot better this week and am ready to jump in feet first.  My first triathlon i actually started training a couple of weeks late but had already been running for a couple of months.  This time i am starting out weighing less than the last time i competed in a triathlon but i haven’t been training at all.  I have exactly enough time to follow my usual training plan and be prepared for the HITS Sprint on May 17 and/or the Highline Hustle on June 13.

I’ve never completed two triathlons in one season, and i was so disgusted after my last triathlon, i had really wanted to compete in 3 or 4 that summer but my asthma just was not letting me run.  So i’m going to weigh my options at the moment and start training even if i don’t register for either event.  Today i was looking at ways to improve my asthma without an inhaler and we’ll see how things go starting out at least.  I’m really hoping that my lungs don’t hold me back as much when i’m carrying less weight.  I definitely need to be less of a mouth breather and focus on nutrition.  So tomorrow i need to fit a run in, probably before work if i can wake up and make myself get out of bed to do it, after work otherwise.

It always feels weird to me to have Mondays “off”, but i’m giving myself a day of extra buffer rather than starting on Wednesday.  If i follow the program to the letter and never miss a day i can throw in a short bike ride the day before the race.  My program has race day on Saturday, but my HITS Sprint will actually be on Sunday, a full day after the Saturday Half and Ironman…which i would really like to be able to see this year.  I think i was working last time around?

Anyways, i got some fruit and veg at the grocery store tonight, i am going to be taking magnesium and drinking lots of water and try to eat even better than i have been.  I’m so excited all of a sudden.  I love training.  I don’t necessarily love competing but i love training.  I’m so ready to start.  I want to buy an activity tracker with a heartrate monitor this time around, i need to tune up my bike, and i probably need a new swimsuit.  Training is so expensive!  Here i go again.

i love feedback

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