Tri3 W1D3+4

I meant to ride my bike yesterday, i really did.  But i’m not one of those morning birds that gets up before dawn to fit a workout in and sometimes life comes up.  Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, so there was a party of course.  But my mother also broke down and i was asked to play taxi driver for her and the stranded kids.  I was also pretty sore from the day before and stiff.  So i didn’t have time to ride during the day and didn’t feel inclined to head to the gym after my sister’s birthday party.

So today i slept in more than i meant to (insomnia has been bad lately), went to work, put in my hours, and then renewed my gym membership at my alma mater.  They had some new spinning bikes without the big computers that advised on what range to stay in, and just a smaller computer like most cyclists mount on their bikes.  It told me what my cadence was, what “gear” i was in, how far i had “gone”, and that i didn’t have a BPM monitor plugged in.  I warmed up and rode three tougher, lower cadence intervals before completing my 5 miles. Then i headed to the pool to swim 200, which went really well, though my heartrate was higher than i would have liked when i swam a lap of freestyle.  I swam 50 breast, 50 free, 50 breast, and 50 side, then tread water and stretched a bit to cool down. Overall it went really well.  I was working hard during the workout but don’t feel like i worked too hard.  I wanted to lift weights but was too tired.  Things are going well so far and i look forward to my Saturday run (tomorrow is a rest day).

Oh, i also found out that i’ve lost four pounds. Yay.

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