Tri3 W1 delay

gym ecard

I did not exercise yesterday and i’m not likely to today.  I have had a headache since Friday that was verging on migraine level this morning.  My insomnia has been really bad and i have not been feeling well overall for the past couple of weeks (allergies have been terrible this year).  When i want to get up in the morning my body goes right back to sleep.  It feels like i’m drowning in sleep but can’t swim back out of the heavy waves.  Yesterday the time got away from me really, i wasn’t feeling sore anymore and i meant to go running, but then suddenly it was already dark and i hadn’t gotten everything done yet.  Today i just feel ill.  Daylight Savings is not my friend.

So i will continue my week 1 training next week and am even considering repeating some of those workouts.  I am pretty sure that i will be signing up for the later Highline Hustle rather than the HITS Tri.  I just don’t want that kind of pressure right now and it is less expensive.  Maybe i can sign up for HITS 2016 right after the race while it is cheapest.

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