30 day challenge – Day 23

Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive.

I already did this at the end of my post Too Fat to be Beautiful? but i suppose i can provide you with pictures of actors who are actually more my type.

David Tennant is just…kind of a strange one for me since i have always liked tall men but he is so skinny.  But i came to appreciate his good looks and overacting gradually and now i will watch nearly anything he makes.  The Politician’s Husband and Escape Artist nearly killed me, though.  I am a great fan of his Doctor, Decoy Bride, ETA: Spies of Warsaw, and even melodramatic Broadchurch.  I’m sure i will be watching his work for years to come.  But as for what i do find attractive, i think it’s rather obvious from the pictures i chose:  freckles, smile, and hair being chief on every Tennant fangirl’s mind, i’m sure.  What isn’t pictured here (or for any of these men) is his voice.  It will soon become very clear that i love accents and amazing voices.  And men that can cry effortlessly.

Benedict Cumberbatch has unconventional looks but is such a versatile actor.  The first roles that i saw him in (Starter for Ten, Amazing Grace, Atonement, The Other Boleyn Girl) are all set in the past and he looks/acts different in each of them.  He can play average and forgettable background characters but i really enjoy when he lends a certain gravitas to a main character. He makes these men unforgettable.  He looks great in an ugly green uniform (couldn’t find a pic that did it justice), has these incredible eyes and lips, and his curls!  Let me just confess that i like ginger hair, too.  Oh, and he’s great at photobombs.  Nathan Fillion is probably the only photobomber with more experience.

Michael Fassbender is the actor here that most reminds me of my Grandad.  He’s probably best known for playing sober, straight-faced, powerful men that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.  I think those are the sort of roles he prefers playing, and yes he is awesome in them.  But he is also absolutely hilarious and has a great grin with way too much teeth.  And he’s on the ginger side.  Why do these men go blonde?  If you have time i would recommend watching him in Hearts and Bones series 2 in which he plays a recurring German character (romantic interest).  If you don’t have time there are clips from episode five and six.  I love the child-like wonder balanced with menacing in Prometheus and the intensity of Magneto but i wish he would smile in more of his roles. And not play so many villains.

Tom Hiddleston probably initially attracted my attention in Warhorse.  I’m sorry, i didn’t originally appreciate Loki in Thor (Thor’s not my favorite of the Avengers), it wasn’t until the Avengers and Thor 2 that i really started to like the god of mischief.  But Hiddleston was amazing in Wallander (which is the role that probably got him the part of Loki since Kenneth Branagh played Wallander) and i know i enjoyed him in Return to Cranford.  But what Hiddleston does for fangirls is what has me most in awe of him.  He’s a very kind guy it seems.  He’s also got the most curls in this bunch.

So i decided that i really must include at least one American!  You have probably noticed by now that all of these men are actors that have worked in geeky films and/or TV programs.  Zachary Levi is an amazing comedian and singer.  He kicked butt as Chuck.  His voice gave life to Flynn “Eugene” Rider in Tangled.  And he throws the biggest Comic Con party apparently with the greatest interviews and raises money for Operation Smile.  I cannot wait to see him in the new Heroes miniseries.  In the meantime you might want to watch Byron Phillips: Found.

Okay, so trying to find photos showcasing these men without feeling as if i was being stared at was impossible.  I have had huge crushes on each of these men at one time or another.  Let’s just say they have all made me squee before.  Let’s say they are all attractive in their own way and all annoy me in their own way and i’m just hooked an will keep watching their work for however long they’re making it.

i love feedback

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