Avenger’s Nailssemble!

So this is a bit belated, but i painted my nails especially for the Avengers Age of Ultron “midnight” premiere.  Let me just preface this by saying that i am not as good as my sisters at painting nails and usually only attempt a base color and glitter topcoat on my toes.  The fingernail paint on my fingers is quickly chipped and pealed away in my line of work.  I redid all of these nails repeatedly except for Iron Man and Quicksilver’s, which miraculously came out perfectly and never got messed up.  My original Thor and Captain America were superior.  And i painted them so that they were upright when i looked at them, not others.  There are slight spoilers below.

horizontal avengers

I put some thought into the order they would go in, partially anticipating Civil War.  This is where i estimated the lines would be drawn having read no spoilers in the past.  Well…SHIELD just got stuck where there was space left.  But my original idea was for my thumbs to be Cap vs Stark. I realized that Hulk had to be a thumb since he’s so much larger than the rest of the team.  The rest fell in line from there.  I would also note that I deliberately placed Hulk and Natasha on different hands.  I ship her with Cap.   So let’s get into what inspired the designs nail by nail.


I used two different reds, most of my nails being a slightly darker red-orange.  For Vision i used a matte pinker red.  Then i tried again and again to get the green triangle at the top.  I think my first attempt was best and this was third or fourth go.  I kept smudging my pinkies.  Note: unless i mention the pink-red, i used the other red.


I looked at a lot of SHIELD logos and settled for black on antique silver instead of silver on black.  Most of the demo pins and YouTube videos that i looked at included Nick Fury with his eyepatch instead of a generic SHIELD logo.  Don’t get me wrong, Fury is a badass, but he’s not technically part of the Avengers.  Hill works more closely with them in Age of Ultron.  I was also hoping that Agent Phil would make at least a brief appearance.  Note: the antique silver is darker in person and photographs poorly, and the head of the eagle did get slightly smudged.


I know, you’re probably screaming at me that Thor deserves blue and lightning.  I didn’t even realize Thor wore blue until i was looking at the reference material.  I always think of Thor’s red cape and the silver circles on his chest.  Most of the fanfics that i have read have made it clear that Thor wears red and silver, Loki wears green and gold, and none have mentioned blue for Thor.  Blue is Cap’s color in my mind.  I did try a silver lightning bolt on red after messing up my initial design and it didn’t look right, so i went with the half-circle again.

Iron Manironman

Iron Man was probably the simplest design for me to perfect on the advice of this video.  The notch out the top of his mask is a little too wide but he was otherwise perfect.  Simple and iconic.  And duh on red and gold, like you could choose anything else save perhaps a turquoise arc reactor, which doesn’t quite apply anymore.  If i were going for more minimalist/obscure it would have been a turquoise circle or triangle on black.


Smash!  I just wanted something simple.  I have two greens, neither quite right for the task at hand.  Putting the darker green on top of the lighter created an interesting texture that i appreciated for the Hulk but didn’t want on the rest of my designs.

Captain_America_ShieldCaptain America

An obviously poor replica of Cap’s shield.  My first one was awesome, and then i tried to put a red, white, and blue glitter on top that has stars in it… the shield melted.  I got so frustrated that i just slapped something else on.  Like i said, this is the first time i have ever tried to do something like this.  I need more experience.  I am sure by the time Avengers 7 comes out i’ll have this down pat.

blackwidowBlack Widow

I prefer the more Orion-shaped logo to the more frequently used intersecting triangles.  This was probably the hardest design to perfect.  And i find it completely ironic that Black Widow ends up still standing with Cap and the end of the film, Hulk having done the same exact thing he did at the end of both of the Hulk films.


I looked through some comicbook versions of Hawkeye’s costumes and picked one that was simple.  Most tutorials went with a bullseye or arrow shape for him, i wanted something a bit more classic.  This still is an arrow shape, but i left it with my natural nail shape instead.


I was not anticipating the Quiksilver/Hawkeye interaction in this film so i find it especially ironic that they ended up next to each other.  This was full comicbook rather than movie look.  The blue and white i had on hand are perfect for him.  I would have liked a darker blue for Cap but didn’t find one that suited.

Scarlet WitchThe_Scarlet_Witch

In the movie it’s almost like Iron Man names her by using the “nicer” variant of the B-word.  She’s also ironic, as far away from Stark as she can be.  As with the Vision, i used the pink-red and went with the shape of her mask.

continued in Tools of the Trade

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