Avengers Nailssemble part 2 – Tools of the Trade

So i thought you guys were probably curious about which nail polishes i used, but i hadn’t taken the time to photograph them while i was doing my nails.  I used RIMMEL SUPER WEAR Top Coat (not pictured) for all of my nails but did not use a base coat.  The complete list is as follows:

Left hand

  • L.A. COLORS Bright Pink (Vision)
  • poparazzi Emerald Ice (Vision and Hulk)
  • SEPHORA by O.P.I. Already Famous (SHIELD and Thor)
  • COVERGIRL outlast Ever Reddy? (Thor and Iron Man)
  • Old Navy gold w/glitter (Iron Man)
  • tweets 🙂 H2O nail color BFFL (Hulk)
  • SINFUL COLORS Innocent (HULK green basecoat)

So the Bright Pink was a gift in my stocking at Christmas, i never would have chosen the color personally, though it was perfect for this and actually not as pink as i was expecting.  The Emerald Ice is from my trip to San Diego in March and was my first time using it.  The Sinful Colors are a couple of years old and i hate the way they are working with other polishes.  I got them because they were cheap and had colors that i like.  The Sephora and Outlast were purchased at BigLots and were fine.  The tweets is water based and from two years ago and is a dream to work with but the company has apparently closed down as they aren’t updating their twitter feed and i can’t find them at Wal-Mart anymore.  The Old Navy apparently doesn’t have a brand name or color names.  I bought it in a 3-pack with orange and shrimp colors.

Right handultronright

  • COVERGIRL outlast again (Cap and Black Widow)
  • SINFUL COLORS Why Not (Cap and Quiksilver)
  • PureICE Platinum (Cap and Quiksilver)
  • PureICE Freedom (Cap) (fail, not pictured)
  • SINFUL COLORS Ardoise (Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch)
  • tweets 🙂 H2O nail color BFFL (Hawkeye)
  • L.A. COLORS Bright Pink (Scarlet Witch)

The PureICE makes a good basecoat but is a tad more see-through than i would like.  The black/Ardoise was nothing but headaches.

I also used a Bring the Salon Home KISS sticker set with Chevron, French Manicure, Half-moon, and Zigzag stickers.  I used the Chevron for the SHIELD logo.  I didn’t use the French Manicure ones.  I used the Half-moon for Thor, Hulk, and Cap.  The Zigzag was for SHIELD, Thor, Black Widow, and Quiksilver.  I think i tried using the Zigzag for Vision and Scarlet Witch, too, but it worked best for Quiksilver.

So that’s about it.  I think i need to invest in higher quality nail polish if i ever attempt this again.

horizontal avengers

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