30 day challenge – Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why.

Er, Joan of Arc?  Here was a girl that couldn’t read, who had no military training, but she convinced a wannabe king to give her men and fight in his name.  And she was successful.  She had visions of Michael and two saints, she was a virgin when she died, she only lived to the age of 19, and she was burned at the stake.  She apparently wasn’t suffering from any medical or psychiatric condition that would cause her to hear voices or see things that weren’t there (i know this is debatable).  She had a temper.  And her strategies were what ultimately caused the war to be won after her death.  I read about her quite a bit in junior high or early in high school and wondered what it would be like to one day have visions of my own.  Prophecy and dreams have always appealed to me as ways of learning/revealing God’s will.  I know that i read Young Joan (Barbara Dana) first and later read some other books/biographies about her.


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