i’ve got heart


In anticipation of running again i have purchased a Fitbit Charge HR.  I wanted to buy this back when i was thinking i was going to do a third triathlon, and in fact was a little nervous about possibly training without a heartrate monitor of some sort.  I think even the Black Fitbits were on backorder at the time, and i had my heart set on Plum.  I chose the Large size and almost wish i would have gone with the XL as it’s barely large enough for me.

So far i have learned a couple of things, the first being that it is very accurate when i am walking full speed ahead but not so accurate about my stair count.  It says that i walk ~1k steps per hour at work. I love being able to log my foods and see that my stomach is pretty accurate at telling me when i need to eat more.  It is nearly impossible for me to eat less than usual in an attempt to lose weight without my body going nuts and wanting to eat more than i need to.  I need to stop using it as a “diet” tool (by only logging food and cutting back rather than eating normally and exercising) and start training again before it gets too hot.  Right now i am trying to figure out if it would work better for me to eat preemptively, before i even get hungry, let alone feel like i’m starving.  That’s hard to juggle right now with my two current jobs.  While i’m editing i don’t really have time to eat.

wpid-img_20150512_184526009.jpgThe nail polish is an attempt to find a better cheap nail polish alternative and seems to be close to my Dramatic color.   It is wet n wild wildshine nail color in Bijou Blue.  The photo on the right is a more accurate representation of my nail color while the photo on the left was a more accurate (but slightly lighter) representation of my new watch/activity tracker.  I’m not sold on this nail polish, it took a long time to dry and looks like some air bubbles formed and popped while it was drying.  I have no idea how that’s even possible.  I think it is very close to my dramatic color, perhaps just a tad too light when dry.

Speaking of my Zyla colors, a couple of months ago my hair looked very rusty auburn and slightly darker than it does presently.  My hair has switched back to ash!  It’s a dark ash blonde and i’m not too happy with it.  I have been growing it out and it’s gradually entering the shoulder-length territory.  The shorter layers are still just too short to pull back in a ponytail and i want to cut it and buzz portions of it but am trying to be good and look more traditional.  I keep hoping that i will find a better job eventually.



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