30 day challenge – Day 26

What kind of person attracts you.

Well, my first thought when i read this was along the same lines as day 23, i.e. men, but now i’m thinking i should be a little more broad than that.  I can find women to be attractive as well.

  1. Being obviously Spirit-filled.
  2. Compassion.
  3. Humor.  Sarcasm is a plus (real sarcasm and irony, not canned quips that have gone bad).
  4. Voices and accents (obviously a factor with my lusting after so many Brits and Scots).
  5. Being articulate about thoughts and beliefs.
  6. Actually having thoughts and beliefs…even if they don’t align with my own.
  7. Eyes…just so fascinating and gorgeous.
  8. A genuine smile and contagious laughter.
  9. Height for men, about 5’11” to 6’4″ ideally.
  10. Feet.  I love being barefoot and enjoy seeing healthy feet on men and women.  This obviously means that i tend to dislike heels and shoes that alter feet too much.  Shoes are just generally painful though sometimes a necessary evil.  I can’t walk on gravel or hot pavement barefoot anymore, maybe someday i will get there again.
  11. Someone who takes the time to listen (a very rare thing, something i endeavor to do myself).
  12. Freckles. Beauty spots. Scars. Wrinkles. Little imperfections that bring life and a taste of adventure to the senses.
  13. Ginger hair!
  14. Curly hair.
  15. Glasses.
  16. Being unafraid to cry, to show emotion.
  17. A few extra pounds. Case in point:  TNG cast in season one or two vs season three and beyond (see below).
  18. Intelligence.
  19. Nerd/geek a very definite plus.
  20. Humility.



i love feedback

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