30 day challenge – Day 29

Goals for the next 30 days.

As you may have figured out, i don’t really know what goals to set right now.  My mind is everywhere at once, i do not know what God’s will is and i do not know which direction to turn towards.  I do have some goals in mind for the next month, though.

  1. Start trying to memorize Scripture again (the Bell’s Palsy made it impossible for me to memorize verses, monologues, or anything else).
  2. Find a new job and quit Hobby Lobby for good.
  3. Keep losing weight.
  4. Attend JUCO with family.
  5. Start running again.
  6. Continue researching and hopefully start working on the book that i started for my writing final (which was also derailed by the Bell’s Palsy). OR
  7. Write some short stories and try to publish them. OR
  8. Start a Children’s picture book.
  9. Find some new writing prompts.
  10. Continue to develop this blog.
  11. Possibly start a podcast or YouTube video channel.
  12. Get my insomnia under control.

I guess that’s about it.  It’s a start, at least.  I feel as if long term goals are completely inappropriate at this point.  I have a peace and simultaneous dread that Christ’s return is fast approaching.  For a long time i’ve meant something to leave behind in such an event as the Rapture, but at present i’m uncertain what that should be at this point.  There is so much that has passed me by over these years of silence, darkness, and brain injury.


i love feedback

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